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Lost in translation: "...The object of the conspiracy is to emasculate all Americans and many foreigners of their right to privacy in order to predict our behavior and make it easier to find among us those who are planning harm...."
This is very nice and I support it as such. But this is the world we live in : " ... The object of the conspiracy er emasculate all Americans and many foreigners of sin Right to privacy in order-to- predict our behavior and make it nemmere two find among us dem som er planning harm .... " Judge Andrew Napolitano So no thank you! Dont let them get all of dharmic so easily. Therefore, to give the NSA in other words NWO one inventory list of people who believe in democracy and civilized society when they now collect information on who to intern as opposed to their dystopia is not a good idea . I do not understand the intelligence behind this proposal. We are daily poisoned by food , medicine, chemtrails , fluoride , media etc. . We walk around in a dazed poisoned state. The fact that some have the energy to speak out against the elite reflects the extraordinary skills. This world must be freed and dharma is to be reintroduced and only then , such a question give meaning. Not only the enlightened and intelligent have the right to demand a good and better world. The child and the wounded also has the right to a Dharmic world, although it can not express himself. Only to respect the voice of the powerful is repulsive Instead it maybe makes sense for those who know the importance to tell truth also to send out prayers out into the higher dimensions that the source must restore dharma - and it is now. I have the feeling living in me that I experience expressed by the avatar Sathya Sai Baba who was saying always: “Samastha Lokaha Sukhino Bhavantu” - May all the being in all the worlds be happy. The is goal of source I believe.
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Dec 16, 2013