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Joanna Kirkpatrick
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Anthropologist, PHD UCB 1970, Bennington College,VT, 1967-94; retired but still at work. South Asia Studies.
Interests: http/ is my website. South Asian cultures and social systems; SA vernacular and popular arts; SA classical/ancient arts. SA Islamic and ME Islamic arts.
Recent Activity
What is the animal (?) dangling between the horse's chest and the man in front of horse in the Mewar painting?
Is that a little dog on top of the elephant's head in the Udaipur Maharana painting? If not what is it?
Thanks all for this beautiful blog. I'm sharing it widely. Who is the man to the right in the bottom register of the picture of the Qajar Shah, and what are the people in line before him holding on their heads? Jo Kirkpatrick
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Jan 3, 2014