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Hmm. I grew up with Superman comics, and he's only a few years older than me, and there's a big difference between the Superman of the comics compared to the movies and the TV version, in black and white, that I used to watch. The Superman of the Man of Steel version is living a whole different and more complicated life, one with sadness and loss. And implacable foes. There may be more room for character development in the movies than in the comics. The whole idea has kind of grown up, along with the rest of us, possibly. Maybe it is a version of Godel's ideas of defined systems not being able to encompass everything, and absolutes failing, Superman cannot find his way out of every problem. He will regret what he had to do. Even Superman has regrets. That is where the story leaves off.
Not suitable for children because the villain died? Villains in fairy tales die on a regular basis. Villains in Aesops's fables don't do well either. It is the fate of villains everywhere, in fiction. That is the meaning of fiction, as Oscar Wilde put it. Sadly, in real life, villains do not die, they get rewarded with great wealth and power, until they die of old age. Is this the moral lesson you want to advance? Really? And personally, I was surprised at the ending myself, for two reasons. First, the movie was about 20 minutes too long, and and I began to think it would never end. Second, killing Zod was necessary because he was sure that he had the right to kill anyone who opposed him and he saw it as his duty to kill the weak earthlings. Superman might be able to save Lois and thousands from a flood, at the same time, but he can't change someone from their sick thoughts, especially someone with the powers of Zod. And he could not take the risk of trying and failing. I think you give too little credit to the moral thought processes of children.
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Jan 6, 2014