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Is Rauner the best candidate? No. Is he a better candidate then Quinn? Absolutely. And that's all that really matters. The only way we fix this quagmire is by continuing to elect better candidates. Rauner isn't necessarily the answer but he's a step in the right direction.
I personally disagree with virtually everything Donald Trump says. But he's accomplishing exactly what he wants. He has the mayor and news media talking about him. Trump has evolved into a caricature of himself who's says and does outrageous things simply for the attention it garners and to line his pockets. I actually think that he's an incredibly shrewd man because he realizes that we're at a point in time where taking divisive positions can be incredibly lucrative. I don't take most of his comments seriously because I know they're designed to do exactly what he's doing here - create heated arguments on both sides of the issue. In fact I have my doubts that he's the purported conservative that he now claims to be. Donald Trump is perpetuating a joke on the American people. My advice to Rahm, Zorn and others is if you don't like it don't play along.
This has always been and always will be about discrediting the President and attempting to marginalize his presidency. That has always been the Republicans objective whether the topic is the Affordable Care Act or Benghazi. What boggles the mind is the Democrats inability to mount any type of cogent response to this. It's the main reason why we're on inquiry number 14 and undoubtedly number 15 and beyond.
The three non-Rauner candidates have done nothing (other than Rutherford driving into a ditch) to distinguish themselves up until this point. I can't believe that will change in the waning days of the campaign. If it took this long for them to get their message out it wasn't worth hearing. I seem to recall that Romney had great internal polling numbers as well.
"I find it hard to argue with her subsequent success in leading her membership through the 2012 strike. That action benefited from her attitude and perhaps even her adjectives. She kept teachers united and enjoyed enough popular support to come out ahead at the bargaining table." Really? Exactly what does the union have to show for their sucess? The strike was proceeded by the largest school closure in history. The "success" at the bargaining table likely exascerbated the number of closings. Karen Lewis is incapable and/or unwilling to acknowledge the reality of what's happening with the CPS and is now advocating that property taxes need to be increased and/or revenue needs to be shifted to a failing school system. While that might resonate with union members that are still in denial, it's hardly a platform to win a city wide election.
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2014 on Run, Karen, run! at Change of Subject
Here's a better question for Dillard to ask. Mr. Rutherford what kind of operation are you running over there that results in a senior staffer filing a lawsuit against you 45 days before the most important election in your political life? I don't know who to believe in this whole fiasco, but I do question why a senior staff member would choose to do this to Rutherford at this point in time. Says a lot about his leadership.
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Jan 10, 2014