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Matthew Ginn
Cleveland, Ohio
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Just had a chance to listen to the OPB piece--good interview, Brian. That said, I'm gradually drawing to the conclusion that the building should just be razed and a new one built. (Although, as Randy Gragg pointed out, the cost of a new building may be prohibitive at this point.) While I am generally inclined towards preservation, I think we must be careful to distinguish between historical preservation and architectural hoarding. The Portland Building may have some claim to historical significance as the first postmodern building and a significant milestone for an arguably important architect but, as a building, by all accounts it is a failure. A noble failure, perhaps, but a failure nonetheless. Photographs and drawings preserve the Portland Building's idea. It seems like a rather costly proposition, though, to maintain a monument to calamity for curiosity's sake when a new, more functional work of architecture could take its place in Portland's skyline.
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Jan 15, 2014