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Rachel Galindo
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I didn't know there was a gene that determines your cisgender identity, but not your transgender identity, as one of the commenters suggests, a probing how little most people understands what is to be transgender. At best, this is a bias opinion, supported by biased "professionals". with unfounded factoids. Transgender people exists since the beginning of times... and shunned after Christian colonization of the world and the spread of their values of guiltiness and shame that they keep preaching, and for their cure their prescription is more of the same: shamefulness and guiltiness. I was born with the Christian "gene", and I like to thank my then Christian peers to help me remove it. None of their prayers worked, nor none of my prayers worked, but their quest to make me feel miserably shame, guilty and sinful was unrelenting, and continues to be. Thanks God, I'm a newborn atheist. The sons and daughters of God just hate scoria like me, proven.
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Sounds like propaganda. How you ever seen the complain tweets from uber riders? Uber is creating a new generation of cry babies that complain for everything. You don't need to whip the 5 stars whip to make it whoosh, since is constantly buzzing on the drivers ears. I'm sure you are thankful for that.
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Jan 29, 2014