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Chard de L'isle
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A lot of misinformed oversimplification and vague claims going on. In a release in May 2011 Deakin University confirmed effective antibacterial quality of bamboo fabric and had isolated the UV filtering component. Being antibacterial may not be unique but the claim is about bamboo's bioagent. The attempt in this blog to discredit the claim is self-evidently incorrect. Plantations: All plantations are mono-cultures and bamboo is preferable to hemp or cotton in its environmental impact and superior carbon sequestration. Claims on the dangers of the chemical process are based on factory conditions with poor ventilation using carbon disulphide in Italy during the 1930's -1940's. I have not heard of more recent "links to serious health problems" in modern processing plants. NaOH is toxic in large doses, but in the closed loop system employed does not represent a danger. Any released into nature is broken down quickly and is harmless, and you probably get a higher dose of NaOH on those pretzels you eat. Of course we must scrutinize claims, but keep some balance please! Are cotton producers fueling the anti-bamboo commentary?
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2014 on Bamboo Sprouting Green Myths at Organic_Clothing
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Feb 2, 2014