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Funny Motivational Speaker
Funny motivational speaker Bob Garner is recognized as an entertaining motivational speaker who actually has something to say.
Interests: funny motivational speaker,entertaining motivational speaker,funny speakers,funny keynote speakers
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I am so happy to see this is happening and when I get to San Fran, I will check them out as more and more people are going vegetarian/vegan. And I wouldn't bet on them never replacing a boiled egg - they use to say that about riding by train... until the personal car and plane came into being.
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2014 on A Vegetarian Egg? at Ruth Reichl
Love this post. How about "Compassion is not an occasional act: it's a permanent attitude.
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2014 on Vegan Slogans at Have Gone Vegan
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Lynn, Love this post. Like Gilda, I am a professional speaker and have purposely written my introduction to be short. I feel that "the taste is in the pudding" and I would rather have the audience decide whether or not I'm a good speaker. Books and audio/video products can be trickier, yet, again, it is whether or not they get purchased and if buyers come back for more.
Sara, That was a great guest post. There was one thing I would like to add. To ask these questions is correct. However, to get the right answers one needs to ask the client. I didn't see that mentioned in the post - unless I missed it. I speak all over the world for corporate audiences and prior to each presentation, I send my client a questionnaire from which I will create my talk. Additionally, I go over my presentation with my client prior to the actual date to make sure that I am not only on target, but to also answer the questions mentioned in the post. Hope that was helpful!
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2014 on Give Them What They Came For! at Blog
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