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Mary F. Jordan
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Hi Nancy! I'm sorry if you've answered these questions before, but I don't know how to subscribe to this topic so I can see previous posts. Here goes: 1. How high should I fill my little mealworm feeder for my birds? I bought the WBU square, clear plastic one and 2 small containers, which I'm told should last a while. 2. Also, does it matter if any of the wheat gets into the feeder with them? 3. Should I take care not to touch the worms with my fingers and just tap them from the container into the feeder? 4. One more thing: Where should I put the feeder itself on the pole system? Can it go just above the baffle? I need some help, as you can see. I'm anxious to get my little Carolina wrens some worms ASAP!! They've been such good little pals to me! Thanks so much. --Mary
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Feb 10, 2014