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Michael Patrick Brewer
Apple Valley,Ca. Tucson Winter Resident.
Retired Commerical Property Manager and Private Investigator. Disabled Veteran of Marine Corps/ Vietnam
Interests: American History/ Theology/ Soccer/ Family and family/ Travels in America/ Conversation./Veteran Advocacy
Recent Activity
On sabbatical for awhile. I have been a member of the California Writers Club for the past year. Over 100 years old, and the likes of Jack London as founding members. We conduct journal writing and memoir writing projects at the Federal Prison. And I assist with the Incarcerated Veteran issues. It is most rewarding. The participants of this program have the lowest recidivism rate of all the Outreach programs combined. It says alot about finding and nurturing that inner voice. I have found a mentor and incredible new pal who is guiding me through the Memoir writing process and just now utilizing a very fine book authored by Meg Files,titled, "Writing From Life.' Meg was the head of the English Department at Pima when we met at a writers workshop sponsored by Pima College. The grace filled serendipity of this all occuring at the same time as the ambush of, is noteworthy. I suspect that most of our lives are this way when we suspend endless planning. So, some of the juice that was part of Veteran Veritas can now be channeled to the first draft of "Memoirs Of A Mediocre Man," and a short story called "The Bells of St. Mary's Don't Ring Anymore," about my experiences working for the Catholic Church. Mabye TMI here, but in an oddball way, the run with, and the ongoing dialogues with Mark Evans became the inspiration for both. Funny how things work out. Adelante! Mike
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I look forward to following you Carolyn. You are a true asset to the community. I am proud to have been one the original nine bloggers at and will miss your mentoring. While Veteran Veritas could have never been defined as journalism, more a billboard for veterans affairs, and advocacy in the disability claims arena and PTSD support, there were many who were helped offline and at an office we still maintain in La Placita Village. I am too old and volitionally undisciplined to continue the blogger mission. Possibly someone at your new home, or at the Sentinel, could take up the torch,as the need for advocacy is at an all time high, and the Global War On Terrorism will be with us for some time. Seya down the trail.
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My first comment on this site vanished. Anyone know where it went? I wanted to praise Carolyn Classen.
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Feb 11, 2014