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Laura Cheifetz
The Rev. Laura Mariko Cheifetz serves as Executive Director of Church & Public Relations at the Presbyterian Publishing Corporation. She enjoys books, dogs, other people’s kids, food, drink, and mountains. She does not enjoy slush, humidity, or oppression.
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This content was originally posted on Laura Cheifetz's blog Yes, I'm a minister. No, I don't have a church. I texted my colleague, “If I go to chapel, how much will I regret it?” She responded, “LOL depends on who leads.” She is right. Unlike worshiping in a church, which... Continue reading
A Gathering Voices Post by Laura Cheifetz Labor Day was initially celebrated in multiple places by various people during the Industrial Revolution, one of the worst times in history for American workers. It was typical during the Industrial Revolution for American workers to work 12 hours a day, seven days... Continue reading
A Post by Laura Cheifetz (This content was originally posted on I have been thinking a lot about children lately. (Not about having them. About the children who already exist.) Children coming across the U.S. border, fleeing violence. Children huddled inside shelters in Gaza, or playing on the beach,... Continue reading
A Gathering Voices post by Laura Cheifetz I do not like holidays that seem to exist to stimulate our consumer economy. That’s how I see Father’s Day. I have been receiving plenty of encouragement throughout the past couple of weeks to buy something “masculine” for my dad and the other... Continue reading
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Feb 13, 2014