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Ms. Fitzpatrick, your recollection is faulty. Lana Lam's name appears as sole author of "EXCLUSIVE: Whistle-blower Edward Snowden talks to South China Morning Post" published June 12, 2013. Ms. Lam's Google+ account indicates she is senior news reporter at South China Morning Post, where she has worked since 2010. She is on Twitter @lana_lam, where her profile likewise lists her as senior news reporter for South China Morning Post, Hong Kong.
If coitus interruptus counts as sexual intercourse, then Greenwald interruptus counts as an interview.
Harding did interview Greenwald for The Snowden Files. See Geoff Dyer's Financial Times article "Lunch with the FT: Glenn Greenwald" (February 14, 2014). "Luke came here and talked to me for half a day without [my] realising that he was trying to get me to write his book for him," Dyer quotes Greenwald. "I cut the interview off when I realised what he was up to." For his part, Harding insists that when he spoke to Greenwald in Rio, he made it clear he was doing research for his book on Snowden. Also, the major tech magazines and Big IT firms cried "foul"—not "fowl."
Ms. Fitzpatrick, thanks for weighing in. I gathered that Pieter Hulshoff didn't bother to read your blog before posting his comments, but I'm new here and didn't realize he has a history of heckling you. As for John Young, he removed his stolen version of Edward Lucas's book in compliance with the infringement notice, but kept your two pirated chapters online. And his scurrilous "review" of your book remains posted at Amazon without rebuttal. You previously responded to another review on the same page that was far less odious, but perhaps you're wise to ignore the puerility of John Young.
Pieter Hulshoff, I inferred that John Young of is a copyleftist because Catherine A. Fitzpatrick posted this blog, about his infringement of her copyright, under the folder copyleftism.
Pieter Hulshoff, you write: "Copyleftists generally do not appropriate the work of others, and respect their exclusive rights (I'm sure there are exceptions)…" How would you characterize John Young of, who has misappropriated the work of Catherine A. Fitzpatrick as part of his one-man crusade to "liberate" (read: steal) every Snowden monetizing production? I'm curious whether you think Young is an exception among copyleftists or not a copyleftist at all.
Kudos. Very well done--although it's appalling you had to do this. I see via Twitter that Edward Lucas has also filed a similar notice. As you tweeted yesterday, John Young is a manipulative ass. I doubt that he'll comply with these requests, but at least you're handling it in a professional manner.
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Feb 17, 2014