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Another part of our transportation tax is a vehicle license fee increase. If memory serves me correctly isn't that what former Gov. Gray Davis got recalled for, a vehicle license fee increase? The joys of a super majority in our state house, hold onto your wallets. How sad how far we have fallen.
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The most puzzling part to me is the fact that our spy agencies cannot do anything about Wikileaks. The CIA can't find out who the players besides Julian Assange are? Where they are storing this information? This has been going on for several years now unchecked. It gives me little confidence that our billions of dollars we spend on the intelligence community is money well spent. We can look at the failures of WMD in Iraq to Wikileaks, 9/11, the list goes on.
Calexit is a slap in the face to our California Veterans who died fighting for our country. I think of my 2nd great-grandfather who fought in the Civil War with the 1st Maine Cavalry and is buried in San Mateo County. He was very involved with the Grand Army of the Republic in S.F., a fraternal Civil War veterans group. He was very proud of his service in protecting the Union against the breakaway states. The uproar by some over the State of Jefferson movement and how silent these same people are over Calexit is perplexing to me.
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Dr. Rebane: On your 3:08 post, an interesting article you linked to. What may explain the 3% of non-citizens on jury duty could be how they the court got their data. In California the County Jury service get their data from the voting rolls and the DMV drivers license. They combine the 2 together to get their jury pool. Since non-citizens can get a license here, that may be where the error is? Of course they are supposed to get a different drivers license showing they are not a citizen. In California we are radically changing our voter registration system. We used to be a opt in system, you had to register to vote. Now we are going to an opt out system. If you don't want to be registered you have to opt out. By having a California drivers license or ID you will be automatically registered to vote. I don't have a high level of confidence of DMV and the SOS office being able to keep all of the felons and non-citizens out of voter registration system.
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Paul: "We have two egomaniac narcissists with their finger on the button that will insure total destruction. No reason to worry?" Do you think there is a button in the Oval Office that launches nuclear missiles? There is a chain of command to launch, no president gets to launch on his own. You were in the military, what did they instruct you about illegal orders? Do you really think that if Trump says "I am pissed at China let's nuke em" that the military is going to say okay and follow through? I have more faith in our Armed Forces than that. No Paul, I am not worried.
Paul: Hopefully Trump will do a better job than Obama in the Middle East. He failed in Iraq and Libya. Apparently he pissed the Turks off besides, a story I have been following for a while. John Kerry accused Turkey of importing ISIL oil in 2014. Turkey denied it and asked for the proof, Kerry provided it. It turns out to be false, and the CIA apologized in a written letter to Turkey. Now in the closing days of this administration, Kerry sends out a low level spokesperson to say that there is no evidence of Turkey smuggling ISIL oil. Kerry apparently does not have the balls to say he screwed up. Read the article to see how to say you were wrong, without really admitting it. Less than one month of this hapless administration and then we can get a fresh start. Here is a link to the article.
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Paul: Besides those changes there is a bit more to it. With the passage of SB 450 the following will happen. Same day voter registration at the election office starting in 2017. There would be one vote center for every 10,000 registered voters on Election Day and the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday leading up to Election Day. Starting 10 days before the Election and through the Friday before Election Day, there would be one vote center for every 50,000 registered voters. Counties would be required to hold "education workshops" with community groups, including organizations that assist voters with disabilities and language minority communities. I think the biggest change, was last year with the passage of AB 1461, the new Motor Voter Act. This will make us a opt of voter registration state like Oregon. A drivers license makes you automatically registered to vote. If you don't want to be registered to vote, you have to opt out. This will add millions of voters to the rolls. With the passage of SB 450 these people will automatically get a ballot also. This will take $$$$ to do this. These are big changes IMO! Here is a link to both of the SOS press releases.
Barry: I did check it out. June 2016 and November 2014 have even higher percentages of difference than Nov. 2016. My guess it has to do with the issues at the time and who is motivated. Some of other data that is always interesting to look at is the over and under votes of the contests. Of all of the propositions in Nov. 2016, Prop 64 "pot prop" got the least amount of under votes by far. How can you over vote a yes no question on the ballot? Maybe too much of prop 64 before you marked your ballot?
Paul: The right side of the aisle in Nevada County has been better organized and has good turn out in elections. In 2 years that election will be a Gubernatorial Primary when those Supervisor positions are going to election. That election has the lowest turnout and the following General Election follows close behind. Will the left side get the turnout? Better not count your chickens quite yet. S.F. County voted 9 to 1 Clinton over Trump, Shasta County was 2 to 1 Trump over Clinton. How the divide keeps growing in Calif.
Todd at 10:45: This may help answer your question. Here is a good story explaining the Presidential recount problem for Wisconsin from the Milwaukee newspaper. Some of these points are not being reported on by the national news, what a shock. It is pretty ugly for some of the issues that this article lays out. The biggest one IMO is that Jill Stein with her 1% of the vote total, could possibly disenfranchise the whole state. The Wisconsin electoral college could not get to vote if I read this right. I find that hard to believe. But when the electoral college votes I believe is what counts, even if someone concedes.
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Almost laughable, Berkley Professor Robert Reich's 14 point plan to stop Trump. Isn't this what Dems accused Republicans of doing in 2008? I especially like #13, after you have done everything in your power to obstruct, then evaluate his performance. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Dr. Rebane: The Clark Hunt, K.C. Chief story may be bogus. Which story is baloney? It is hard to get good information sometimes. Gary
I am following a few pieces of legislation that have passed and are sitting on our Governor Jerry Brown's desk. Always at the end of each legislative sessions there is a flurry of action and bills are passed in mass quantities. When the current session ended on Sept. 1st, the legislators sent 787 bills for the Gov. to pass or veto by Oct. 1st. Bills are passed and signed thorough out the year. Do we really need about 1000 new laws every year? There are so many new laws every year now, I can't keep track of it. I would be in favor of a Calif. constitutional amendment that said for every new law, there would have be an old law come off the books. I know, too simplistic, never going to happen.
Mr. Cross "Stupid Witch Hunt", tell that to Ambassador Stevens family. He is buried in Elm Ridge Cemetery here in Grass Valley. While he was getting killed, the rescue mission was deciding what to wear and changed clothes numerous times. She told the families of the dead Americans as they were being unloaded off the plane, that the reason they died was the Libyans were mad at a video, not a terrorist attack. A total lie. We would not know these important facts, along with the many other facts, without the "Benghazi Witch Hunt". While these facts my not be important to some, they are to me. While I respect Gen. Powell, it is hard to get excited about anything he says after his speech at the U.N. saying Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
Thanks Dr. Rebane, well said. If the people of Nevada City want to, I bet they can recall her. Am I the only one that see's the irony in all this, that Nevada County is 89% white with a 1% black population according to the Nevada County Demographic and Statistical Profile 13-14 report from the CEO's office? That 1% is being generous as they probably can't do a half percentage. Nevada City police would have a hard time finding black people to harass. She said this morning in the paper that she made those comments as a private citizen not representing Nevada City. I would think that she would know by now that being an elected official means that anything she says publicly reflects on Nevada City 24/7 and there is no time clock. At a minimum, I hope she looks in mirror and says to herself "that was dumb, when am I going to learn to keep my mouth shut."
CNN calls this "Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History". Being the "amateur" U.S. Historian I guess they have forgotten about how many mass shootings of American Indians happened in the West, especially in California during the gold rush days. While the Indians were far from perfect there were many mass shootings where whole villages were wiped out and 100s were killed. Those facts do not interest the majority of CNN viewers, but this shooting is not the worst, pretty bad though. Here is a Wikipedia list and you can just forward to about 1850 see some of these from California. I guess the "worst" is just a matter of opinion. Gary
Thanks Paul I will be listening. It is so easy to get wrapped up in our everyday lives and forgot about those who gave it all for our freedom. Memorial Day is a reminder for me that freedom is not free. I think about what Francis Scott Key, Maryland militia volunteer in the War of 1812, and Star Spangled Banner writer said about "apathy". In a speech he gave at the dedication of our newly rebuilt and remodeled U.S. Capitol building in 1831 he said. "We who inherit freedom may learn to value it less than the men who won it." Let us not forgot those who gave it all to win it.
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Health care was more affordable back in 1953 when I was born. My parents did not have insurance and went to a real non profit hospital. I have the hospital bill in my family scrapbook. My mom stayed in the hospital 4 days and the total bill was $180. My dad paid about half and paid the rest later. Though when I was teenager he probably thought about their return policy. That $180 today would get you a 15 minute office visit appointment with a doctor. Health care is one of the few industries that I can think of were technology innovations make the cost go up, not down. The cost of everything from 1953 is dramatically more but I cannot think of anything else were the cost has exploded like health care.
FBI vs. Apple: The FBI wants a permanent back door to all encrypted software devices and is using this as a test case. A part that is missing from this story, is this was his work phone. He physically destroyed all of his other devices, so chances are there is nothing on this phone. So a government agency, San Bernardino County, gives an employee a device that it has no way of retrieving the data or seeing what he is doing. What if the employee quit, how would they get the data off it? To me it seems like poor planning to give a worker a device you cannot access. It sure makes his employer look bad, like they needed any more help from the FBI.
If the State of Jefferson is a loony waste of time it will go down in defeat. If the people think there is something to it, then it will pass. The SOJ supporters followed the law so now let democracy work. I really bothers me when I hear people say it should not be on the ballot, this is America. It will cost the County very little unless the extra measure being on the ballot pushes some ballot types to an extra ballot card. Even then it is worth it, that is how democracy works. There are plenty of ballot measures I did not agree with that had every right to be on the ballot. You don't like it, vote against it.
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Jon Smith 10:12 I am talking about safety items. Here is a quote from the article. "The leaking well didn't have a working safety valve, which could have stopped the flow of gas once a problem was discovered. But such a valve isn't required by law." Yes we are way over regulated in Calif. But having pipelines that don't burst like the PG&E San Bruno explosion and natural gas wells that don't leak are a good idea in my view. The fact that is spewing out mass quantities of methane that the State is trying to stop is ridiculous. What is the point of this overzealous regulation of greenhouse gases, which I don't agree with, if this well can leak for months, due to lack of something along the lines of valve that shuts off the flow if their is a leak. This is just another example of a totally dysfunctional, hypocritical, State Government.
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Russ at 7:40 PM: The Porter Ranch natural gas leak in L.A. kind of makes all of Gov. Brown's and the legislators work on SB350 a moot point to me. From an L.A. Times article several weeks ago. "The leaking well at Aliso Canyon, as of Dec. 22, had emitted as much greenhouse gas as 330,000 passenger vehicles produce in a year". The article talks about lax safety regulations and Gov. Browns slow action. I take these articles with a grain of salt, but even if it half right it casts a very hypocritical light on our state leadership. Anyway here is a link to article.
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Dr. Rebane - One of your best articles. The MJ culture clash here in Nevada County is right on the mark. The BOS (Board of Supervisors) is very conservative and reflects the will of the voters, not the people. Just look at our voter registration. Republican 35%, Dem 32%, Decline to State 24%, only 80% of eligible voters registered. The right conservatives are very organized and the left progressives are not. To the victor goes the spoils. The ballot measure is just to give political cover to the BOS. I don't understand why the think they need political cover? The ballot language and impartial analysis will be written by County Counsel who is an At Will employee that can be fired any BOS meeting by 3 Supervisors. You can bet that she has gotten direction. The timing is important also. The pro MJ group will not have time to gather signatures for their own ballot measure in June, by design. The outdoor ban could have been passed a long time ago but that would have given the pro MJ group time to gather sigs for their own competing ballot measure in June. I love it when the subject is local issues.
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The AG Lynch news conference Friday with the FBI Director was the weirdest news conference I have ever seen. The AG would not allow it to be broadcast live, so it was a delay feed to the networks. There was supposedly reporters in the room with them though you never saw or heard them. They both gave a speech and there was one fixed camera that focused straight ahead on them, never panning around. After the second speech by the FBI Director his last line was "I'll take a few questions now" and the feed cut off immediately and went back to the station. I do not know what to make of it, it was bizarre. The whole "news conference" was about 5 minutes. I was left feeling I had watched a President Putin new conference from Moscow. I hope this is not going to be how we get information from the AG in future over this shooting.
I did see one positive. He said that the Fort Hood shooting in 2009 done by Maj. Hasan was a terrorist attack. It only took him 6 years to change his tune from workplace violence to a terrorist attack. Now maybe the victims and their families can get closure.