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The uppity ups @ LL and the SL insiders refuse to acknowledge and admit that the "Atlas Land Program", grandfathered tier, and other 1%r goodies are at the root of LL/SL's many many self inflicted wounds. The average Joe SL business/region owner just isn't willing to keep paying tier into a system that they know is corrupt, rigged against them, and unprofitable except for the 1%r's. Flush "Atlas", end grandfathering, and equalize tier among all region owners as a first step. Embark on a series of cost cutting moves that will lower tier to a reasonable amount and things may change for the better. LL and the 1%r insiders will never do that. It would take them admitting they failed miserably up to this point. And that they will never do.
@Meta. I don't think Iggy's deciding for anyone what they do with the metaverse. Just raising questions about what may happen when it rolls out and gets mass adopted. Who will be in control of the metaverse? And what is their ultimate agenda? As for myself, I'm just raising one possible scenario among many. Given past history, current societal and economic trends, and basic human nature the hope for a metaverse that benefits the vast majority of people is remote.
There is nothing inherently wrong/evil in the creation of a metaverse and its use. You miss my point. My point is that if it's used to escape "meatspace" to avoid dealing with real life, it's many problems, and not used to improve societal/economic systems to make them better for the vast majority of humankind then it's a negative. If it is used as Virtual Opium to keep the 99% entranced, entertained, and oblivious to what the 1% are up to then the metaverse becomes a tool of control. A handy dandy tool for the 1%. Up to this point in human existence, life for most humans has been one of backbreaking work for very meager pay, living in poverty, with no hope out, and an early avoidable death. Maybe Virtual Reality/Metaverse technology can improve the human condition but I'm not optimistic given past history.
@Iggy. It's not just you. Not everyone is a herd member/follower. If trends continue "meatspace" will become a place you don't want to spend time in. 1% control everything, no jobs, no money, societal breakdown, riots (political, resource, and racial). Hence the need to create an alternate reality to mesmerize, entertain, indoctrinate, and to eventually subdue the masses. Once everyone jacks in we cease to be individuals and become the "hive", the "noosphere". The readers of this blog, the first explorers of this technology are for the most part aware of the upsides/downsides of virtual reality. We can turn it off and walk away if we desire. The first days/weeks in Active Worlds/Second Life/etc. were amazing. Many, many hours/late nights spent exploring and interacting with those environments. But at some point we are all able to unjack. Virtual Reality is just a small part of our lives. What happens when "meatspace" becomes so toxic and the masses discover virtual reality and jack in? Will they be able to resist it's ability to create an alternate reality to replace "meatspace". Will the masses be able to resist creating false personal Utopias? Will the masses use it like any other entertainment option that can be turned off or resisted? I don't think the average person will be able to resist and be able to use it in a normal, non-addictive way. And maybe that's the plan, man... The economic system in every country/society is rigged. Communism/Socialism/Capitalism have all failed or are in the process of failure. What comes next for the 99%? For the 1%? If you are the 1%, what better way to eliminate the 99%, who you no longer need if every good/service becomes automatically done/manufactured by non-humans. If the 99% spend all waking hours jacked in to the metaverse, the vast majority of them will die off eventually from disease at an early age. Leaving a depopulated earth for the 1%r's. Eugenics has long been a passion of the 1%r's. They truly believe that they are special. More Intelligent. Stronger. Better. My advice to the masses - Resist. Be an individual. It's ok to spend time in Virtual Reality as just one entertainment option among many. Preferring it over "meatspace" spells doom for the vast majority of the human race.
VR Immersion is the future, whether it's through headsets or other means, for gaming, simulations, etc. But with many, many companies working on VR Headsets Oculus isn't the only game in town. The first mass adopters of tech like this are going to be gamers. Hardcore gamers. And it's my opinion, that they aren't going to touch Oculus with a 100 meter pole after the latest developments. Oculus just made themselves radioactive to that group. And since they are all early adopters, are they going to go with Oculus? Or another VR Headset? Like Valve is developing? Or Sony? Or Microsoft? They all have massive buy-in from the hardcore gaming community. Oculus doesn't. And if part of the plan is to VR headset games like "Farmville", etc. My earlier observation stands. This is beyond hilarious...
And to those who think the guys/gals at Oculus are groundbreaking pioneers (do some research on Jaron Lanier - VPL Research. Now he was a true pioneer/groundbreaker. The current crop are just weak imitators... What's groundbreaking/cutting edge about f@#$book/Oculus? And Jaron's new book is wonderful - "Who Owns the Future". Hint - It ain't us... LOL!
I think the sale of Oculus to F@#$book is beyond hilarious. In one fell swoop they lose all credibility with the hardcore gaming community. And Zuck pays $2 billion for a device that is now DOA. LMAO! For the true believers(belieber's (LOL)) out there who actually think these companies(LL or Oculus) care about the future of VR or Virtual Worlds, etc etc., you are mistaken. They aren't in it to further VR research or Virtual World development/growth. They believe in one thing and one thing only - money. It's time for SL residents and those who use virtual worlds to grow up... And stop believing/trusting in "saviors". Like Eb's, etc. They don't care about the average user/resident/creator.
The top 1%r's - Land Barons, Top Builders, etc. convinced Linden Lab to rig the system in their favor - Atlas Land Program, Grandfathered Tier, etc. which were designed from the get go to run off the smaller land owners and smaller builders. For the first time anyone could design content for a gaming platform/system and run inworld businesses. This was groundbreaking. The idea that the little guy could participate and earn money from a game. This really irked the 1%r's. How dare the "little guy" take what should be their revenue. This has been the ongoing struggle between the 99% of SL residents who don't get these "goodies" and the 1%r's who do. The top 1%r's, the SL media, and LL wants to spin reality to have everyone believing it's all about lack of a mobile viewer, lag, etc. They will never admit that they killed the golden goose through their own personal greed.
Anyone find it interesting that it's approximately 50 regions. Not 30 or 40 or 100. And so soon after Eb's arrival the numbers magically go up. TOS hasn't been changed to uphold IP rights of builders, Atlas Land Program still in place, Grandfathered tier still in place, and tier fees no one but the top 1% can afford still in place. No meaningful changes that would help the 99% of SL residents who can't afford land at current pricing. I repeat - "New Boss same as the Old Boss".
@Esusia. You are absolutely right about this app. Who beyond a handful of insiders is going to use this thing? Who beyond a handful of 1%'rs has the money to use this thing? And why is this little app getting so much SL Media play when there are much more pressing issues that need to be addressed? Like for instance the "Atlas Land Program". Unequal tier should have been the 1st item on Eb's checklist of things to eliminate but it isn't. Which tells everyone exactly where the VC's, the top landbarons, the SL insiders, and most importantly the SL Media's priorities lie. It isn't with the average Joe Resident. Its simply a continuation of all the failed policies implemented since 2006. One more dead carcass on a long SL road filled up with dead carcasses.
@slhamlet. I never said Eb's was responsible for this viewer. I said that it shouldn't be one of his top priorities. Getting rid of unequal tier, grandfathered regions, and the atlas program should be at the very top of his list. And that it isn't is very telling about what he, the VC's, the SL insiders, and the SL media all refuse to discuss or acknowledge. It is the main reason SL is dying a slow death and everyone knows it. Why isn't anyone at LL allowed to discuss Atlas? why doesn't the SL media discuss Atlas? What is Atlas? How many landowners are getting this deal? What are the discounts given? Etc Etc. The silence on all this is deafening...
@Tracy: You miss my entire point... Releasing a new viewer shouldn't be eb's top priority. It should be doing away with all the goodies the top folks are getting thru unequal tier - grandfathered regions, Atlas Program. Until that happens, LL/SL are going nowhere. Regular folks will not buy regions and pay tier until that happens. And the landowner base will continue to shrink into just a few folks at the top and other regular folks who are oblivious to these insider deals or who choose to ignore the 1%'r goodies and pay anyway. Equalize tier, lower it across the board and SL will prosper. Ignore the "elephant" in the room and SL continues a slow painful death. I repeat - "new boss same as the old boss". Anyone ever ask why? It's not him. It's the VC's, and the SL insiders who call the shots. Not Eb's. He's just one more in a long line of them since 2006 or so.
So, Eb's answer to LL/SL's many, many, many, self-inflicted wounds is to promote a browser that is priced so high that no more than a handful of people will use it and to open up the JIRA again. Wow!! What a way to not hit the ground running... Everyone knows LL/SL's major problem is tier pricing, grandfathered regions, and the Atlas program(landbarons and selected others get major discounts on tier - double digit discounts which never go away). Discounts on setup fees is one thing for someone buying a bunch of regions. I could see that. But permanent discounts on tier to a few selected region owners is crony capitalism and most SL landowners know it. That's why over time as folks wise up to the rigged economic game that is SL, the number of region owner grows smaller with more and more control given over to the top landowners(landbarons). This is and has been the major problem within LL/SL and the uppity ups refuse to acknowledge it or even to discuss it. Major Fail! And this is why "new boss same as the old boss".
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Mar 6, 2014