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Yang Yang
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China is a communist country too.can you say china made bad performance economy?the communist party don't want to share their power with other party doesn't means they will make economy worse.the communist party still could choosing private property economy system---but still so-called"market system".These years many Chinese went to Cuba trying to do the business.Because them understand the situation.They been through of these.Cuba is just like the 1990 in China.all main industry under control in central government.many goods is shortage due to the market system.but once government start to change,even just a "babe step"--allow a few private firms to do the business.they will understand the power of free and demand will allocate themselves till find the equilibrium.the economy system will far more efficiency than the present. the embargo just small reason that Cuba had bad economy.the bottom line is,they have to realize free market system is the right choice
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Mar 20, 2014