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Interests: Automotive developments
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Has anyone else noticed how often the people who like to scream most about Free-speech, are those seeking the freedom to be rude or abusive, but then, I suppose with a POTUS who likes to carry on like that almost daily in his use of Twitter, we should not be surprised that there are many wanting to copy his example. Our near slavish adherence to the principles espoused by Voltaire, or was it J-J Rousseau, seems, now and then, to me, to cost us too dearly in terms of patience. But to get back on Topic, I wonder what stage on the long road to a world full of autonomous devices doing everything for us, this represents.
Has anyone else noticed how often the people who like to scream most about Free-speech, are those seeking the freedom to be rude or abusive, but then, I suppose with a POTUS who likes to carry on like that almost daily in his use of Twitter, we should not be surprised that there are many wanting to copy his example. Our near slavish adherence to the principles espoused by Voltaire, or was it J-J Rousseau, seems, now and then, to me, to cost us too dearly in terms of patience. But to get back on Topic, I wonder what stage on the long road to a world full of autonomous devices doing everything for us, this represents.
Peterxx, you have tried to tell us previously that we may not comment further upon your figures, as though they have some sort of absolute status of verifification. I will bet that Swedish BilProvning are not so readily convinced though, try telling them that no further comments are necessary and your testing equipment and methods do not suggest misrepresentation of some kind. There cannot be an emissions checking authority anywhere in the world which will let you walk in waving your own figures as proof of compliance, so why should we be any different?I think I have observed previously that Diesel afficionados generally have an axe to grind on this subject, Acquaintances of mine being so in love with the money they are saving on their fuel bills that they think diesel is the best thing since sliced bread, and will not hear a word against it. I am thus always very suspicious when people like Peterxx and Carl turn up here trying to sell us their self certification as proof of it's cleanliness.Returning to the subject report here, it is very disturbing to note Political point-scoring being attempted on this subject, rather than merely pushing ahead with getting the new standards implemented. D, I think what you were smelling when getting off your Aircraft was the Jet-fuel smell which always hangs around Airports, but going into any large city you might soon have begun to whiff diesel everywhere, thanks to all the Cabs, buses and delivery vehicles. These cannot be outlawed soon enough for me, so full marks to Paris and London mayors for moving in that direction.
Carl, You simply refuse to get it don't you. It doesn't matter how many studies you quote, I am a human not a Lab. Rat, and there is nothing you can say which will convince me that I should put up with the annoyance of having to breathe the foul smelling exhaust pumped out by you and, no doubt, others just like you in the region where I live as you drive along in your precious diesels. More, I am quite capable of identifying late models from their plates, so that argument fails. Further, You are not me, so it is absolutely impossible for you to be able to claim that you know what I can or cannot smell, and your continued arrogant and stupid insistence upon being able to is most enraging. You do of course have the freedom to believe there to be no health hazards in breathing current model diesel exhaust, and long may you continue to do that safely, but I look forward to the day when regulatory bodies around the world feel the need to raise the standard to a level which forces every last one of these vehicles off the roads.I don't forsee it happening in my lifetime, but I at least may shuffle off with a smile of anticipation on my face.
Harvey, I rather fear that all these efforts, like VW's tour of the USA reported elsewhere here, are only going to encourage people to drive their ICEVs further and more often, when we really need them to reduce such activity, don't we ? Lower CO2 per mile means little if more miles are being covered.Europe's answer, higher priced fuel, might just be what is called for, Dan. Are we all trying to avoid Climate change or what ?
Carl, I did read that 12/013 study showing that Lab. rats survived breathing truck diesel exhaust, but that was just rats, renowned survivors of unhealthy conditions such as sewers, rubbish tips etc. And if you think that lower Pm concentrations can justify higher than permitted NOX levels, think again, because NOX is what causes that horrible choking effect experienced by our bicycling friends above. You may claim that I am smelling "non-existent odours" but that is just your clearly prejudiced opinion. Arguing about what you or I can or cannot smell is a pointless exercise, unprovable either way. I shall continue to assert that neither I nor anybody else should have to breathe what I am aware of every time I have to follow even a latest model diesel vehicle on the road, and if you want to believe it holds no health hazards, then you breathe it.But please do not come here attempting to justify your use of it by claiming you cannot smell it, even in your garage.I and no doubt many others can do so, and dislike it intensely. Lastly, in referring to the signatories to the open letter which was the subject of the original report here, as 'Big Business', I was being quite factual, with no suggestion of any Conspiracy theory. They were, in pressing such views, clearly, simply "pushing their Barrows", a saying which I suggest you familiarise yourself with, to understand its meaning, and spelling.
Carl, I suggest that that view of diesel exhaust may apply equally to you, by your irrational defence of it. My objection may not be based upon any study which you recognise, but is, like other posters above, based upon my intense dislike of the fumes which always come with even the latest models. We should not have to put up with that, no matter how much you and other diesel defenders are saving in fuel costs, the real reason, I know, from acquaintances, for supporting its use. You may dismiss subjectivity, but I maintain that those of us whose olfactory systems are still working properly do have a right not to be offended in that way.Not everything in this world has to be justified by the kind of reported studies you want to see as evidence of its truth.And I do not believe that the EPA is an offshoot of big business either, only that certain sections of the US Congress would like to see it abolished, thanks to their connections with big business. The EPA is possibly one of the better creations of US governments of the past fifty or so years from what I can see, looking on from abroad. I do weary of people who will accept nothing which is not supported by some study which can be referenced, always demanding "Evidence".This is not a court of Law, and if I want to dismiss any assessment of exhaust which I don't like then I shall, especially as a European study reported here not many months ago found that in the real world, Emissions were in fact exceeding the standards supposedly being claimed by OEMs for Type Approval. And now, because I cannot recall the reference, you will I suppose dismiss that as an invention of mine.
Carl, It may be the obvious comment, but I suppose your excrement doesn't smell either. Why should we believe that your personal assessment of the fumes from your diesel car exhaust is any more reliable. If it is so benign, I suggest you route the exhaust into your HVAC system instead of releasing it for others to endure.Those of us who hate having to breathe that, regardless of your opinion as to validity, surely have a right to expect that it be ended ?And hope the politicians are not swayed by this bunch of Big businesses pushing their barrow.Shame on Carlos Ghosn, whose organisation also gives us a number of good EVs.
And what are the popular fuels in this country, most likely contributing to this air pollution ? I hope the Chinese government takes notice of this report.
Having seen Prof. Yi Cui's name attached to quite a number of interesting sounding science reports here, I can believe this award was well earned by him. Congratulations, Sir, and keep up the good work.
While scoffing at "Prejudices regarding Diesels" Uwe Nittel completely overlooks the prejudice of people like PeterXX, and one or two other posters here, in favour of the things. I do not suppose that Daimler Benz was making any secret of the fact that this was a simple PR stunt, but if it was running against another car with similar TCO and size, then there might have been a real point, which has always been why people race cars.This effort proved nothing.
I incline to agree with you Dave, they're not saying anything new. These briefs are at about the level one could expect from a High School class.But there is no mention of any public or other funding for them, so perhaps we must simply assume it was done at the suggestion of the tutor, as a good exercise.The mistake would appear to have been in publishing this as though it warranted that. Kenny's point about moderate length commutes bears repeating more often though, I think.So-called range-anxiety is all too often quoted, as some sort of red Herring, trying to put people off.
EP, couldn't agree more. Why would anyone want to set off down that same road again with such a long way to go to catch up, and with a design which is nowhere near as attractive ? I hope the "Crowd" thinks twice before plunging in on this one.
With Human crews all too regularly demonstrating their inabilty to pilot large, floating steel boxes, even with modern navigation aids, perhaps it really is time to look at connecting those aids directly to the hardware which controls such vessels. Remotely operated oversight of the system might just provide the element of safety which many may demand, but Robots can almost scarcely do worse than we have.Humans are not really well equipped for controlling machines of any sort.Walking, running or climbing are our natural functions.This will be interesting to watch.
It strikes me that we could use this kind of thinking at every port around the world. I wonder how long it may take. Well done California, showing the way again.
I wonder how this differs from the Lanzatech process ? Still, I guess the more people offering to clean up your steel-mill flues, the better.
The fact that the companies saying this are owned by a Major oil coy ought to tell us how seriously we need to take this. I tend to side with a v on this.Royal Dutch Shell would like us to carry on burning their products for ever, as if burning anything to generate power is in any way sustainable.
Good to read such positive stuff from an Oil-industry Journal. Thanks Mike.
It is even not a bad looking thing, and 48 mpg as a hybrid would be very welcome in a car of this size. I agree, well done, GM.
With the other report elsewhere on this site, of work by Tsinghua Uni on this chemistry, also looking very positive, perhaps it is time to start keeping an eye upon these guys and their work. Li/S seems to hold some promise, judging by their results so far. Anybody here better qualified to offer observations there? The Science is a bit hard for me.
I wish I could understand all the Science presented here, because their results do sound exciting. As usual it is all the unanswered questions which are missing, giving rise to doubt Harvey's grounds for his well-known optimistic predictions.
Shades of the old Railroad steam Locomotives, expending a portion of their useable power in towing a Tender full of coal and water. How to make your personal transport more cumbersome and less useful. This is very like an idea often mooted by BEV enthusiasts as a means of overcoming range anxiety: tow a Genset on a trailer.Why not just provide adequate battery space in the vehicle to start with? Hard to see many normally intelligent people going for this trailer.EP is right in that it needs to be useful as a cargo trailer as well. A waste of EC funds supporting it.
Well done Mitsubishi, especially the Regen gains.This is the kind of progress we like to hear of. Presumably it will scale to LDV level at some point in the future ?
What a fearsome device. 1500 N.M of torque, even pushing 1500 Kg, must feel like driving a grown-up Scalextrix Slot-car. The future of Motor racing, without a doubt. I have to wonder about the wisdom of letting the Boss be the driver, though. It does rather sound too much like Nepotism. I hope he doesn't go off the edge somewhere up that mountain. I would also like more details of how they've arranged this chain-drive system to each wheel, and still managed steering at the front.All the means of doing that which I can imagine, suggest some unsprung-weight penalties compared to an actual wheel-motor.Torque vectoring benefits, arising from using one motor per wheel, certainly point the way for future high performance machines.
Nirmal, Since the engine I was talking about is designed by a Japanese company, to be made in Malaysia, there was no cause for you to get so defensive about your country, to the extent of making such wild claims about levels of income, or pollution there. I was merely suggesting that Suzuki might not be prepared to spend very much time and money on making this engine any more pleasant to have in one's car, since few would envisage the kind of car it would be installed in having appeal to anyone who could afford better. Have I spelled it out clearly enough for you now ?