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What these videos should do, God willing, is expose the deadness in our culture to this madness. This topic more than any other is where you can see how dead our consciences have become in this nation. Even Nazis did not allow infanticide for their people, much less making a market of it. Sadly, many of our churches here in America are lukewarm on this issue. I'm a protestant but I give the Catholics credit, they stand on the front line about this. I stand with them. You should, too.
The country is obviously in massive disarray. The constitution was established by the founding fathers, representing the 13 states, to limit government and by all means prevent the establishment of any tyranny. The religious person was meant to be free to be 100% religious-an anology would liken the person to having a much larger sphere in the country's life than the government. Government would have it's own, smaller sphere, not to establish a religion but NOT TO PREVENT THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF. Today, we have a government that is in every area RATHER than government. It rules our schools, healthcare, commerce, etc. The citizen has much less freedom to PRACTICE THEIR RELIGION FREE FROM COERCION, (ex Hobby Lobby, etc). Freedom of Religion is so misunderstood and abused right now our own military will court marshall a chaplain for teaching the bible or any soldier that would dare to display a bible verse. Not only that, we have ONE judge, Anthony Kennedy, overturning the marriage tradition of thousands of years. Yeah, right! The Supreme Court is a joke!That precedent was not based on science or legal reasoning. It was political! And I concur; this "discrimination" is to not be forced to participate in a ceremony-ceremonies that weren't even the law of the land until 6/26. We have freedom of religion in this land; not like China which is only free to worship. And this encroachment is into the churches, with challenges of discrimination to conduct these ceremonies, employment, etc underway. I submit that the Supreme Courts decision did violate the Freedom of Religion and should be contested as invalid on those grounds by all of the states. And one more tidbit concerning that disarray; CNS news just reported the country has just completed it's 7th year in a row with a child born to unwed mothers rate above 40%. And we wonder why the kids are angry..
Well written article. Thank you
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2015 on Abusing Freedom at Stand to Reason Blog
To clarify, in class I tried to justify the Iraq war after 9/11. The stated case was we were there to take out Sadam for being a threat to America. I believe that was true but I feel the bigger, unspoken reason, was to fight the terrorists on their own turf. I think leadership at the time understood that Al Qaeda represented a murderous, hidden form of Islam that meant to kill as many whereever or whenever they had the chance and that they needed to be drawn out to fight.
Frank Bruni may be a voice for the gay community and America at large, (particularly the millenials). What I'm hearing is no understanding and/or belief as to why Christians could possibly need religious liberty. It reminds of when I was in college in the aughts after we went to war with Iraq in 2003. The vocal liberal students in my classes, along with the professors, felt the war was a sham for America to conquer oil. I stood up to say that 9/11 was an attack by Islamic fundamentalism to kill all the unconverted. I felt my view was dismissed as too preposterous. The same goes for this issue of the day. The left refuses to consider the right of conscience. They dismiss out of hand that someone's moral conviction should be respected and that they should not be punished for abiding by it. Bruni takes no consideration of it; his sides rights trump peoples of faith, period. Not only that, I hear him identifying his enemy - orthodox Christians. His bigotry is to stand and judge our beliefs, beliefs he obviously hasn't had the compassion to try to understand, but rather to uncivilly belittle. I'll say again what I said to a homosexual on a forum the other day who felt justified to attack Christianity for "attacking" him with our beliefs; "you could remove all Christian and bibles from this country and that still wouldn't cure your angst." A house divided against itself cannot stand. They will continue to attack because we are the only thing that stand in their way.
The Lord provides a wife. It is holy and ordained. I wonder why you equivocate on a scripture you obviously don't believe in and scoff at.. Proverbs 18:22 NIV 22 He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD. Proverbs 19:14 NIV 14 Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the LORD. Matthew 19:6 KJV 6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together , let not man put asunder .
Bradshaw, Are you a practicing homosexual who thinks he's a Christian? Why do you try to use scripture to condone pedophilia? What is wrong with you? Matthew 18:6 NIV 6 But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Here's another: Matthew 5:28 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. These are the standards true christians live by. Be careful.
Marital (eros) love is ordained by scripture. "The marriage bed is pure and undefiled", and, "they were naked and not ashamed". I came out of this culture due to sexual sin - my young girlfriend had just aborted my first progneny and the Word became very clear, "The wages of sin are death". I was scared by my numbness to emotion and my culpability in the murder. God's grace began to break the bonds and deliver me at that point.I still fell sexually but I still kept getting up and running to the Lord to repent; quicker and quicker. Ultimately I married my Christian wife (no other yoke fits! nor would I want that hell!) They I understood about the old fashioned values of virginity, etc With my wife there is no guilt. It's Gods model. All other is not ordained, ie without God's blessing. All other is rebellion and idolotry and immorality. "The body was not made for immorality".
As this issue continues to be on the forefront, and I continue to look into it, I'm struck by the following. I think an analogy, to simplify, would be to show that our country regardless of why you feel it shouldn't have, picked singular courses for certain reasons. For instance, we have a constitutional form of government, as opposed to a parliament/dictatorship/monarchy etc. By today's reasoning, folks would say, "hey that's discriminatory. You need to let other folks sit at that table ya bigot." I think that's what we have with the redefinition of marriage. Our country picked the male/female monagamous model, (ref Murphy v Ramsey). But people want to open that up. When that happens, Christians, you are officially in the minority. Now, we were told we were "aliens" in this world. We will be under no illusion to not believe that any longer. Thats the rub-the good ol USA was judeo christian. But that wasn't good enough. And "christians" whether caught off guard by the culture, not knowing their own convictions, or letting those convictions and that relationship to the Lord get worn away over time, has us where we are today, (very weak!) Gracious this truth must get out!!
What about these 3 skeletons?
Brilliant! I was thinking about this in response to that skeleton ad, too.
100% agree with Mo. Another point to add to Alan's; I think what is being left out of this conversation is what additional lie is being swallowed by the culture and what a danger it is. That lie is the movement, (I believe a law was just passed in New Jersey disallowing the practice), to make it illegal to provide "sexual reorientation therapy" to anyone! Let's get to the bottom of what this is - this is the proliferation by this insane culture to insist that immorality is a right, a good thing, natural and moral, and that it is of the highest offence to reject that. This whole premise is an outrage! That is why we have family centered epidemics around the world of broken families - fatherless children, porn addiction to the younger and younger, etc. This is the line in the sand, the frontline, and all the willy nillys give consent because they're asleep and don't know the cause they have by default given themselves allegiance to. The homosexual orientation is disastrous based on health dangers alone - and this government would say that a psychologist could not help a young, confused person to come to grips with whether they are a hetero or not!! SO DEMONIC. On another note - I disagree wholeheartedly with Leo that alcoholics are that way for life - study Louis Zamperini and a host of others, (including myself). I am not bound by my "disease" to attend AA for the rest of my life. I have the power of Christ delivered me from the spiritual slavery from my flesh. And Jeremy, you seem young, take it from a married Christian man - could I be "attracted" to a woman who isn't my wife? The question falls flat on so many levels to this Christian man - it can be demolished by so many things - I have so much to lose if I am not on guard against this threat to me and my family. I come from a broken family, I know I wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy. As a Christian be like Job and make a covenant with your eyes not to lust. We all are tempted - rush to Christ to be repented and remove all form of lust temptation to cutting off, throwing out, whatever it takes..
Ouch t - I think Alan's credentials are well established. On another note - I adopt a stance a friend more Godly than me takes. "It doesn't matter if you're born that way. Jesus said to change now. We're all sinners and we're called to repent." So the born that way, not born that way argument can be quashed at inception. We're all born sinners. Since Jesus said if we look at a woman to lust after her we've committed adultery it can be taken that sexual lust is sin and Jesus standard of purity is 100%. Repent from lust, period.
I probably wouldn't respond to it because I've been burned in the past. However, I'd consider posting that narrow is the way that leads to life and broad is the way that leads to destruction. I'd feel very confident facing this situation..I could follow up that I went full circle to come to Christ. I explored to come to what I believe, ("open minded" per this persons post leads to death). Ultimately, Christ won me though. If he had left me alone I'd be lost.
There's hope. God willing those people will start to feel the error of that way and will struggle to shake off the shackles. Political correctness is rampant in the UK - fear has stifled freedom of speech in that country alarmingly. Hopefully they can look to the US where there is a stirring and some people will not give up. A headline last night, Google getting out of the porn business? Praise God!! May our generation destroy the hellish sexual revolution!!
The issue of the photographer is plain and simple - you cannot force someone to sin against their beliefs. Shadrach, Mechach and Abednego people. ANY Christian will resist that. Also, it's like forcing a Jehovahs witness to celebrate Easter. Look at Huckabee's examples, their even better to show how stupid that court judgement was. What Christians, that is ALL who believe that government is the problem, is to "divorce", as a protest, and force government to rewrite the tax code. There, no one gets the stupid "benefits". And RonH, that is a religous ceremony - that's your distinction.
Matthew 24:37 NIV As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. Matthew 24:38 NIV For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; The bible says to keep watch because we do not know when God is coming back, ie he could come at any time, meaning now could and should be considered that time. This seems like mysterious scripture to me - it seems like its talking about world marriage; possibly "redefined" "marriage" ?
Sorry bro but I'll comment from an apathy statement. Alls I need to know is if it's biblical; which apparently it wasn't. The civilization they focus in are the nephtalim, correct? So a bunch of monsters? We relate to that? My bible says the times we're in now are like the times of Noah - they were eating and drinking and giving and being given in marriage..(I wonder what kind of "marriage"?) Oh well, point is, that story should never be taken as a fairy tale - It should be the horror movie of all time
Erkki, 1. Civil unions are already in place. Apparently the title is not good enough. 2. The US has already made many headways into those countries to protest. Have you researched what churches have been doing in those countries to help? 3. As far as I know schools already do teach that. Their problem right now coming down on those who are not "tolerant" (ie come down on any bully and, (time to get fired), any teacher who would dare raise objection.) 4. Those laws were taken off the books years ago. 5. Again, we're past that. It's churches and christians and CEOs and St Pats Day parades that are being bullied - being forced to "accept" and "celebrate". Basically, the other side has gone so far to say "you can't believe what you believe". Tolerance and bigotry go both ways and the country is seeing that.
First of all, I think this is a litmus test for the "churches". God will separate the wheat from chaff over this issue. "Churches" will and should split over this; obviously, Christianity cannot condone these unions; that's an impossibility that the world doesn't seem to understand. Part of what this is about is Christian marriage. That "marriage" is not what we're talking about here. This is about the worldly, pagan "marriage" and is why the issue is unwinnable. The pragmatist in the country who does not care simply sees it as a right to have the title-sadly, the courts see it that way, too. I agree with many apologists that this does open the door to the slippery slope that any pervert can use the same arguments to subvert and get government approval. However, the only barrier that I see that can withstand the encroachments on Christian liberties, (as in the case of the New Mexico photographer), is the angle that the government is forcing people to sin. That's Babylon and the fiery furnace. We will stand against that and that may be a better framing.
Agree that World Vision did not help their position. All it did was show the world how confused the church is when it comes to the gay marriage movement. Understand, the USA will have gay marriage and it should as it is the same as any other type of pagan marriage. However, the agenda of that movement is also to attack the Christian church and to force it to concede that the practicing gay is also a Christian, (under the same God), which it obviously isn't. That is how the discussion should be framed. We're dealing with a pagan movement here, plain and simple. Plus, World Vision discrimated by not hiring based on sexual orientation. Where's the golden rule? Don't christians realize that the mark of the beast is about not letting Christians buy and sell? That's the ultimate discrimination that this world can't wait to get to.
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Mar 27, 2014