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Its what some call "scientism" among the skeptics once again. Dogmatic belief in only the currently accepted way things are. That spell won't be broken unless something major that can't be denied anymore happens. Like one of those reported giant UFOs crashing in a city and unable to be covered up by any measure.
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For the anonymous user record I want to state that I do believe some UFO/ET reports to be real. Why these entities remain in the shadows and sometimes reveal themselves is open to any interpretation and I think its primarily a matter of self-defense/intelligence gathering on the part of ETs. The publicly admitted, and then denied Roswell 1947 incident took place around the USA's 509th atomic bomb air squadron. Many other reports take place around nuclear missile silos. Essentially I believe humanity has opened a Pandora's Box of galactic terror and curiosity from other intelligences in the universe. We weren't all that interesting to any of them until we started splitting atoms and discovering universal secrets. Since we're still very much on a war footing these beings are now proactive in their defense of a possible future threat. They reveal themselves at times, IMO, to scare the crap out of our leaders. Even if it makes some of us look crazy. Its a warning. Not all reports are true of course and I do believe many are simple hoaxsters or governments themselves trying to muddy the waters on the matter.
Four bodies sounds like a bit of over-complication to me. Having a body and a soul sounds reasonable enough without adding more that we have yet to confirm in any way.
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2019 on Four bodies at Michael Prescott's Blog
At some point though the ruse will have to be up. It likely won't happen in our lifetimes, but if humanity continues advancing technologically those that are living will eventually become physically immortal. Then what does the Other Side do when nobody returns?
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Whether or not life has a spiritual component existence itself is completely arbitrary. We exist at the whims of fate and suffer random blights. We're in no position to understand it. Possibly ever. I think of this existence and suffering as a motile egg form. The incubator, Earth, is as hellish as an oven baking an egg, but eventually there is release. Why is it so rough here? I suppose to keep us in check on the "Other Side." We might well be threatened into coming back here on bad behavior. Possibly explaining past life memories. Even then this idea doesn't sound right to me, but I have never been able to wrap my head around life.
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2017 on A world of hurt at Michael Prescott's Blog
My issue with the notion of blind faith allowing for real paranormal events to happen comes down to one thing: children. Many children have very vivid imaginations and like to think they have all sorts of magical powers, yet we adults don't see that manifest in reality. I don't discount all paranormal activity, but belief creating paranormal events should be pretty easy for some kids to do prior to being told they cannot do such things. The closest I think any of us ever get to real psi abilities happens at life threatening/ending events where mind and body seem to separate. Intuition of friends or family being in trouble or dying. NDE reports. Brief after death communications. These are probably as close as we can get to psi, but since testing requirements are so harsh (death) its not likely to ever be truly studied.
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2017 on Magic time at Michael Prescott's Blog
Not that I put stock in this book since NDE stories within are puzzled together, but I have read many other reports of those trying to "escape" and being denied. To me this shows the the other side (provided it exists) knows just how awful it is over here. Like Barbara above noted it makes zero sense to put up with this life when another much more easy one exists. The notion of this being some type of school where individuals use themselves as object lessons for others seems absolutely senseless to me as well. I prefer to think of this life as merely a formality. Like a butterfly that must pass through its crawling larval stage before becoming that butterfly. Its the only way it makes any sense to me.
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2016 on NDEs in the ICU at Michael Prescott's Blog
I don't see the psychic applications of this, but it will lead to other things as I'll note below. The first application of this research will be medical. For studying diseases of the mind. The next application will be judicial. Memories may become recordable and potentially used as evidence in trials or even helping to find victims or suspects. That will eventually lead to memories being recorded and used as evidence for paranormal subjects. NDE/ADC/OBE reports. Past life memories. UFO sighting reports. Ghost sightings. Bigfoot sightings even. It could really shake up our world.
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