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Eliza Lawrence
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I think that being an electrician would be really scary. I would always be afraid of being electrocuted. It is amazing all of the details that they have to pay attention to. It all seems really confusing to me. Eliza Lawrence |
I absolutely love trees. However, sometimes they grow too big, and can get in the way. I really need to find a good tree removal service. I want to make sure that I find a company that I can trust and feel comfortable with. Eliza Lawrence |
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2014 on Centreville Safety at Genesis Tree Service
I was not aware that metal roofing could be installed so quickly and easily. I would have imagined that it would have been more difficult. I was also not aware that metal roofing is also energy efficient. I should really look more into metal roofing. Eliza Lawrence |
Driving in the winter is on of my biggest fears. However, sometimes it is something I just have to do. It is a a very reassuring feeling that I know who to call just in case I need anything. I also think that I am just going to try to avoid driving in the winter as much as I can. Eliza Lawrence |
I know that there are allot of moms out there that would really like to work, but they need to stay home to take care of their children. If they were able to find a job like this it would be perfect. They would be able to work on their own time, and still spend time with their kids. If they had a job like this they could do it while their kids are at school, or while they are having a nap. It would be an ideal situation. Eliza Lawrence |
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I think that it is so great that they have roofing insurance. I have always thought that being a roofer would be a really scary job. I do not do well with heights. I know that I could not handle being a roofer. I think it is so great that they can have coverage, just in case something unexpected happens. Eliza Lawrence |
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Apr 2, 2014