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Regarding Philip and HF. SL, et al... Doesn't that story arc - ​​Philip leaving SL and now working on HF - look a bit like it could follow the one of Steve Jobs leaving Apple and working on his NeXT computer....which he then used as the basis for upgrading Apple products? [the similarity is that a leader/designer of a technology company leaves the first main company he founded to then establish a second company the is duplicating the first only in a more 'technically pure and leading edge' than the first, then that second company being absorbed into the first, with the leader/designer then back in charge of the first....] The story arcs look pretty similar... well yes, of course Philip is STILL working on HF, but I think the low lag approach looks like something SL could fold into bringing in new technology ​...​
Hmmmm...well she DOES do her interviews in SL. That in and of itself giveS a vote to SL as way for people to connect.
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Apr 9, 2014