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If there isn't a sign or any other indication that people should wait for the next available person, why wouldn't they just walk up to the clear counter? If they are pissy about waiting a minute that's something different.
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When I was in college (I am white), one of my dormmates came home very excited. She found out that because she was black, the standards for her to get into [Ivy League] Law school were lower. I asked her why she was so excited, it seemed like [Ivy League] thought all black people were stupid. She said it was because so many black kids went to crappy high schools and were behind. The kicker is that her family was RICH, and she had private schools and tutors since day one. She did not need the help. Yet, when white students from those same inner city high schools apply, they are held to the higher standard. It made no sense then and does not now. Yes, people who are from disadvantaged backgrounds need help. But that should be decided based on actual background, not skin color.
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Damn. If I lived in your town I would have bought a couple of those bookcases.
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It sounds like your manager is trying to make a reason to fire everyone. Hugs to you and hope you can get out of the toxic environment.
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The heat coming through the cup didn't give water-on-the-brain lady a clue?
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Apr 15, 2014