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David Loehmann
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I seem to be a little late in the game here, but I did want to mention how much I enjoyed reading this blog. Not only was it informative but entertaining as well. Comparisons with The Shining are inevitable when exploring defunct hotels such as these, but your choice of pictures was genius. LOL was literally what I did when I saw those. The Loehmanns were frequent visitors at Grossinger's as well as the Concord. A family feud brought about one set of cousins going to Grossinger's while the others stayed at the Concord (us). Meanwhile, Bubbe Loehmann, who was pissed off at everyone, stayed only at the Nevele. It makes me very sad to see these places now either ruined or destroyed. But I am so glad there is so much interest in them today! Thank you so much! David Loehmann
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Apr 20, 2014