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Josephine David
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Good article. We tried many Intranet vendors, but settled on Centroy mainly because it was easy to use for the non-tech folks. They also made pricing simple by bundling all the features bundled in the core offering (things like document management, wiki, discussions, etc). I'm not the tech guy, but I am very much the revenue guy, and efficient collaboration is an absolute must-have. That said, unless it's simply to use, all the other bells and whistles the technology guys push matter less if no one adopts. That's the dirty little secret about most of collaboration offerings --many on your list--which disregard the end-user experience. In theory collaboration can pay big dividends in terms of increased employee productivity; however, an important point missing here is that these tools need to be adopted in order to be useful, which means they need to be easy to use..Anyways, we've been pretty happy with Centroy. I'm not tied to them at all. Just a happy customer.
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Apr 23, 2014