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Juli Pelletier
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As I read this post, I feel like I could have written the majority of it.... Last spring, my then 6 year old son went through some terrible stomach issues. He was vomitting inexplicably on a daily basis for several months, except he'd throw up undigested food from 3-4 days prior. It was awful. Our first visit to the ER ended up with a referral to the pediatric gastro. She ran what seemed like 100 different tests, studied his food and elimination diary and there was not a single explanation to what was happening to him. After the second visit to the ER determined that he was completely constipated, he went on Miralax and is on it periodically. But the biggest change in his daily routine has been the addition of the probiotics in his daily regimen. Life changing. He has had very little issues with digestion and gaining weight since taking a daily probiotic. Good luck to you and that sweet girl!
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Apr 30, 2014