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May 25, 2014
I've sent you an email with Bill's contact info. You can view a lot of Bill's work on TrainLife in his albums. He has made several "movie" houses and does great work and is FAST!
Hey Jim - he has the distressed version up now! It's done and ready to ship. I didn't even ask him on this one but it is likely much less than the other models he's done for me. He has built some railroad stations (local for me & with odd architecture) that were $350 but keep in mind that those were MUCH larger and more detailed. Bill really caught the feel of the Rockford Trailer - even made a mold to do jalousie windows which are not available in HO scale. There are Firebirds & a Chevy truck in HO scale so those are out there to complete the scene! Address for finished model: Sign up for the site & send him a 'friend request' (or me) and I'll get you two in touch. I'm tickled to death and I would like to say, again, THANK YOU for having this information online!
Hello again - we found a shot of the trailer's rear from, of all things, a 'trailer' for the show & were able to screen-cap a still of it. If you want to see a scale model of Jim Rockford's trailer check it out at: . This one has 'new' paint & has not been toned down to the faded colors. Bill Holman constructed it for me and will make copies if anyone is interested & can duplicate the faded colors if desired. Enjoy!
Hello again Jim, Is there any chance that Pat might have a photo of the back of his trailer? A friend is building me a scale model of the Rockford trailer & he has requested that since there is next to nothing on the web showing the backside of one of these trailers. Thanks Dwayne
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Apr 30, 2014