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Already like evenflo and Mommyshorts on BF...who doesn't!
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2014 on The Road Back to Manhattan at Mommy Shorts
My two year olds favorite game was KICK MY SISTER IN THE FACE since we were three car seats across in a TINY car and she was forward facing and he was rear facing in the middle but HAZAA we got a Honda pilot this weekend so now he Rear Faces outboard and can't play that game ANYMORE! The 4 year old loves I SPY, which we played a lot of on our recent 6 hour road trip.
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2014 on The Road Back to Manhattan at Mommy Shorts
I also wanted to say this post reminded me of another one you did back in July of last year where you made a handy little chart called: DISTRIBUTION OF PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITES ON A FAMILY ROAD TRIP. I would officially like to congratulate you on joining me in MOVING everything in the PASSANGER column OVER to the DRIVER column b/c this week w. Harlow & Mazzy you've been living most EVERY "road trip" that I've made b/c Daddy always has to work. :) PS:I leave on the Aug 19th with ALL 3 KIDS AND JUST ME for a short 7 hour drive (to be broken into 3 stages). PRAY FOR ME!!!!!
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2014 on Road Tripping with Harlow at Mommy Shorts
Road Trip rule #1 if you are prepared for puke it will not happen. I was not prepared. I like to refer to that holiday as Barfsgiving. My then 3yr old & 3mo old were on the trip with me (no hubby, he had to work, so was JUST me w. the two kids). We made it to our destination 2.5 hrs. away with no trouble. After the holiday meal, which my older kid really didn't each much of at all I found out why. She spent the ENTIRE rest of the trip tossing up anything and EVERYTHING in her entire little body. 4 days passed and we needed to leave. I was so worried about her throwing up on her newborn brother, that I moved his car seat from the middle spot next to her to the outboard spot behind me (the driver). This was a big deal b/c I could NOT have him clicked in to the infant seat base behind the driver seat, but not having him puked on won out over being clicked into the base. We used the buckle and secured his seat that way. Thankfully after 4 days my daughter had gotten fairly good with the bucket so most if not ALL of the puke made it into the bucket. FYI: there is NOTHING like the smell of vomit on a long road trip. :) NOW I have 3 kids ages 4, 1, & 3 mo. ALL in car seats (two rear-facing)across the back of my TINY Nissan if one of them EVER barfs in the car....I'm in BIG trouble. Which brings me to ask the question....will you by any chance be reviewing and giving a way a SUV or Mini Van anytime soon? B/C until we get a bigger rig (which is in the works) I'm not sure where I'm going to fit my new Symphony DLX All-In-One Carseat that I'm going to win from you. :) PS: I have liked/followed/stalked you for a while now....(I know creepy) AND now Evenflo as well.
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2014 on Road Tripping with Harlow at Mommy Shorts
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May 5, 2014