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Daniel McShutty
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My previous post did the job i hoped it would do. I must now point out that there was a false accusation within it (a capital sin in my religion, thus i must retract it-it was for the greater good though). I just wanted to point out that she never SAID she was a diva with a real estate fetish (although, lets face it SHE IS). I have run into some great judges, and amazing lawyers. She used to be one. Maybe she can be one again if she moves out of the VATICAN...kind of like how the Pope knows that to live in such luxury is an invitation to corruption. We all make out choices in life, and the next life depends on those we make here. Good luck SWEETIE.
This web site needs to be updated. The distinguished judge made news when she personally notorized her now disgraced and disbarred attorney husband's retirement application. With demi-gods like Dlott on the bench, it is no mystery to me how the most corrupt amongst us have stolen Lady Liberty for themselves. Giving anyone absolute power or a lifetime of tenure as they do federal judges is a terrible mistake. Just look at this self described "diva with a real estate fetish." How disgusting. The term limits movement needs to pick up the pace or this country will become the worlds worst nightmare. Dlott should be the poster child for the reason this country needs to terminate lifetime tenure. Im grossed out everytime I have to address her as "your Honor" because I do not see any in her soul.
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May 27, 2014