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Jack Illingworth
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The Byrne/Eno revisions have little to do with clearances -- legalities were well-looked after on the original release. The most famous change was the deletion of the track "Qu'ran" from later pressings after complaints from an Islamic organization in London. It led side 2. The CD adds a lot of material but other than that doesn't take things away. Your auditory memory may be tricking you, and if you have a pressing with "Qu'ran," well, it does change the flow of side b quite a bit. Early CD versions actually saw "Qu'ran" restored, but it was deleted on anything manufactured after 1990. --- I'm in the midst of a vinyl cull right now. LPs are taking on a new role in my listening as my library of recordings that I want to live with for the long term. I'm buying quite a few as they survive the ravages of time far better than CDs (which delaminate or become otherwise unplayable too easily) and can sound better to boot. Space for them in my living room is very finite. Much of my collection is inherited from friends, family, near-strangers (I accepted a lot of vinyl when everyone was ditching theirs). As such, some has got to go. Things that I want out of the listening pile but don't want to lose entirely go to basement storage. Everything else either goes for sale on discogs or goes into triage for a valedictory listen to decide whether it has a future. I'm always cautious; my musical interests have evolved so much that I'm never sure what will catch my interest a decade from now. I never throw my digital files away. A well-organized library looks after that. There's always the option of keeping a holding pen folder on your music drives and backups for things you don't want to lose but don't want in the main library. Don't let your playback software index it and you're set.
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Jun 1, 2014