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Soon there may be tiny home communities in National Parks, right next to the oil wells! Tiny houses are cute but way too small for me. But does get you thinking about size, 40' RVs, 4,000 sq ft homes. Happiness in the 21st century.
Based on your comments, checked my renewal date, 5-2017 so went ahead and renewed, rate was $129/year
This nice young couple once said that there is "No Right Way To Full-time (hmmm, applies to backpacking too) - Evaluating The Options! Glad you enjoyed the walk.
Howard, go for it! We only live once. It just takes time and determination, and a lot of both. I finally came to the conclusion that hiking 21 miles a day for 100 days with a 20+ lb pack is a bunch. But even section hiking over several years counts. Just getting out is great. If you haven't already look at the blog section Good luck
Howard All good and basic information. This statement "The tax and accounting professionals will immediately encourage you to have an LLC or an S Corp (those entities are a bit more complex, and usually earn them higher fees)." is rather rude, especially coming from an attorney. I am a CPA and have counseled many clients of business structure and have completed this work for hundreds vs thousands charged by attorneys. The value comes from the advise and not completing the forms. In any event treating a hobby as a business is where most people tend to get into trouble. The tax law is not black or white. The middle ground, grey, has various shades, select the white and if the IRS comes knocking, they will audit and thank you for your excessive contributions, play in the black and go to jail. For instance the intent and being able to provide substantive proof will generally out weight making a profit. Lastly, I totally agree with you, that for most people they can insure the potential liabilities with insurance. Regardless of the entity type there would be little or no additional government intrusion. In fact I have had several IRS agents suggest that filing a schedule C, or two, verses an S Corp, increases an individual's risk of audit. My opinion and advise to someone starting a business is to develope a professional and competent team including an attorney, insurance agent and accountant at the minimum. Good advisors help the business owner focus on the business and making money. My 2 cents
Howard Backpacking has changed so much over the years. Not even going ultra lightweight I can get my pack with 5 days of food under 30 lbs, in the good old days it was 60 plus! Technology has changed the hiking too. Many Thursday hikers now blog on the trail, there is data connection on top of Mt Whitney on the PCT, amazing. Plenty of sections to do on any of the big 3, and then there is always the Hayduke Trail. But it's rugged, have you read the "Monkey Wrench Gang" by Edward Abbey?
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Jun 6, 2014