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Thank you so much for your input, you make some absolutely fantastic points that I'm so glad our 1L readers will be able to see! This is of course a great opportunity for me to clarify that I think all of our programs at the faculty of law are fantastic and I would never discourage anyone from joining any particular group. What I hope readers can take away from my 1L experience is simply that they need not feel pressured to choose what activities they partake in based on what other new students are doing. I'm not a particularly outgoing person, so I felt a lot of pressure to attend LSA events and do a lot of networking and that made me uncomfortable. That's simply my personality. For many of my classmates and friends, LSA events, Career Day, etc. are the highlights of their first year of law school. To each their own, I say! Students, firms and clients are all incredibly diverse and so I would simply encourage everyone to study hard, get involved and meet new people in whatever way works best for you.
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Jun 12, 2014