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Liliana Duffy
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I recently after years of experience with content management systems came across a system with the new User Experience Platform (UXP). I had been hearing about these new buzz word “UXP” in technology for some time. I really didn’t understand what it meant for my company or me. I did a quick Google and found out this new platform could easily create productive for us. We were using SharePoint but between the licensing, I.T. staff cost, and the fact that it didn’t have any real social capabilities made us search for a new CMSs fast. We found Centarlpoint by Oxcyon. It is a smooth transition from our old program because of the Data Transfer module, that allowed me to drive my old content right into the Centralpoint CMS Portal with ease. That isn’t the only thing that is great about Centralpoint. They have over 230 modules that have made things a lot easier. It's more than just a content management system. I use; centralpoint offers role based filtration, email broadcasting to update all the members, microsite management, multi-step workflow, and business intelligence. It is all part of a centralized platform that makes it quite simple to use. Its easy.. not hard.
I've been using a content management system named Centralpoint by Oxcyon. It has been around for about 9 years or more. We first tried it as a SharePoint alternative because of all the license fees and third party addons associated with SharePoint. It was an easy transfer over and the interface had that Microsoft Office feeling. I surprised to find out Centralpoint came with over 230 modules out of the box. Overall it is one of the best Content Management Systems I tried.
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Jun 18, 2014