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Tom Hewitt
Musicology / Philosophy PhD student
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Hi Marcus, another interesting post, thank you. You say in reply to Ben, above, 'Humanities and social sciences *would* be better if they had the methods of hard science at their disposal (much as psychology is now better off), but, in lieu of such methods, we have nothing left to do *except* to engage in humanistic/social scientific inquiry.' But I ask, will the humanities benefit from the scientific method? If, e.g., music is fundamentally fuzzy-edged in its ontological standing with the world, how does a scientific-reductionist approach help in our 'understanding' of our experiences of and with it? Music, surely, is even more susceptible to indeterminism that a table. I do believe that music (and the arts generally) are fuzzy-edged in the kind of way described by Kosko (fuzzier than tables!).
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Jun 19, 2014