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Congratulations for the site! Have a happy 2015! Feliz año nuevo!
Yes, this was a random image to show the medialunas (half moons) in the comparsas. Here in Uruguay a comparsa is a group of people who play and dance candombe ( This is a picture taken on the annual carnival parade on februaray ("Las llamadas"): There are many characters in a comparsa, among these characters we have the people who carry the stars and half moons, elements who remember the respect the African people had for these symbols. As you might now, candombe, tango and milonga have a common root and they have evolved on their own ways to become the musical representants from el Rio de la Plata. Nowadays candombe is everywhere in Uruguay, while tango is not that popular. In Argentina is just the opposite. Returning to the song, candombe is a extremely catchy rhythm, and a party is thrown instantly every time a group of drums start playing to it, so I understand this reference in a song related to a guy who jumps from party to party :) Note apart, if you come to Uruguay in february you must assist to the comparsas' parade of "Las llamadas"!
This is a picture to understand the reference to "Marcando una candombeada fue luciendo medias lunas"
One detail (not important), the jasmine flower is probably this one: The one in the picture grows here too, but the one I send you is more common in our gardens, if you come to the south during these months you will find them everywhere, and their fragrance is delicious.
Great translation! You explained many things that would probably remain hidden. I like how he says to her that she's a porteñan version of Mimi, what a creativity.
I used not to like this tango, because I thought he had cheated/abandoned his wife and when he returned she was happy to see him again anyways (so machist)... but then, after reading the lyrics, I found that he had been in prison, and for killing someone! So, sometimes it's difficult to understand the meaning even if you are native spanish speaker just like me, and in the case of this lyric, I found that the writer did a good job on transmitting the shame of telling someone else you have been in prison, he didn't include it on the chorus, and when he mentions it he tries to excuse himself.
You are right, I forgot to mention, if you go the aluette entry: you will see that the aluette is the french version of truco.
Hey, thanks I've started to check everyday :) I'm learning a lot. My boyfriend and I were so engaged by this interpretation that he taught me how to play truco! Also, checking the wikipedia article for the spanish cards (, I got linked to this image: and look the inscription of the ace "ouvrir la bouche" => "abrir la boca", so the ace is "la carta de la boca". I commented this to my boyfriend and he commented me that, on the Argentinian variation of truco the highest values on the game are the aces, so, it could made sense that having the "card of the mouth" equals to have good luck. (I'm happy to add yet another interpretation).
You did a great job with this interpretation. I live in Uruguay but I don't know how to play truco, knowing that this lyric has this second meaning behind makes it even better. "En el naipe del vivir,
 para ganar, primero perdi" what a creative way to exalt experience.
I love you have chosen the Angeles version of this song. Angel Vargas was very emotive when he sang, my all times favorite! When he practically talks: "El baile Rodríguez Peña el Mocho y el Cachafaz de la milonga porteña que nunca más volverá..." You feel the nostalgia along with him. Brilliant!
Hello, very good translation! Small tweak: "yo se que ayer fuiste hermosa" => "I know yesterday you were beautiful". Although very different, this song makes me think about part of the lyrics of "mano a mano" too, a woman who will lose all her charms after she ages. They were very sincere with women those days.
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Jun 28, 2014