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The current parking problem in the area (the streets that are requesting the permits) is mainly at night. Late at night on the weekends and after 9 or so during the week. AFTER most of 36 street merchants have closed. The people that are shopping/eating on the Avenue are not parking near the Rotunda. It's the people that live on these streets. When they suddenly have 400 apartments and people who don't want to pay for a space in the parking garage, there will be NOWHERE to park at night. I don't know how anyone can think permits are not a good idea. If you can afford a car you should be able to spend $20 on a permit. If you have 4 or 5 cars, and you don't have an extra $20 for each permit then you shouldn't have multiple cars! and... about your reaction to the statement " "I did not pay several hundred thousand dollars for my house on 37th just to not be able to park in front of it because of the businesses on 36th St."......I'm pretty sure when you open a business on 36 St. you know there is no parking for your customersI This argument should be the RESIDENTS on the effected streets and the city.
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Jul 2, 2014