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Pamela, what a great insight. Thank you. As we get older, my hubby and I have become very aware of the impermanence of life in all its forms, including our own. We have lost many friends who have passed into the next phase of life before us, and decided two years ago to go visit as many friends as we can and hug them, thanking them for being such a wonderful influence in our lives. (We realize that even those who have been 'problematic' have helped us to learn valuable lessons, and are grateful.) I'm taking your challenge this week, to move even deeper into gratitude and understanding!
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Such a good article, Nancy! My husband and I have done a bit of traveling in foreign countries, and we always try to remember that we represent ourselves and our country best by learning and following the laws of the country we're in, and by being polite and grateful to all those we come in contact with. The result is we have friends in many different places!
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You've already got it all within you, Roberta! And I agree with Pam; God is smiling. And those mistakes? Each one was an opportunity to learn something new, and a chance to try again to get it right! Nothing to drag around, just little blessings along the way....
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I really love this: "Introverts recharge their energy away from the crowds. Extroverts generate fuel from interactions with people." I think that is the truest definition of the difference between the two! Thanks!
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What a great article, Roberta! You really captured the energy so well -- for me the "nine" years are also kind of a time of reckoning. I'm determined, however, when I hit the next one, 69 (many years from now :) ), I'll be kinder to myself and celebrate what I did accomplish rather than regret what I didn't. Perhaps that's wisdom? Anyway, George Eliot was right -- and in my 60's I'm really blooming and becoming my Truest Self!
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