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I have come to an understanding regarding Preference For Black People. There should be a recognition to not provide any Athletics Scholerships to Young Black People who have scientifically/medically confirmed to have Extra Quadraceps. Naturally this is particularly important in Track & Field Events; Football; Soccer; Baseball; Hockey; Swimming; Tennis; and probably several Atheletic Activities I have not mentioned. I do not know if the Extra Quadracep situation will provide an advantage to Black People in Activities such as Archery; Polo; Sking-Down Hill-maybe? However; Slalom-both Snow & Water; SnowBoarding; Sailing; Mountain Climbing; may already exclude Black People, because many have an extra Quadracep muscle. I rarely see participation of Black People in these Outdoor Activities. Apparently Golf is ignoring the probable advantage of Black People over Caucasian People (both Light Skin Colour & Several different Shades of Brown-including Very). Presumablythe Quadracep advantage is also ignored as well as Oriental and North American & Australian early Immigrants to their respective Continents. Basketball; must be a Special Situation. Possibly the Extra Qudracep is not prevalent in Black People, who through coercion in procreation during the 17th-18th and 19th centuries in North America are over-represented in this Athletic Activity because of Height advantage. I do not spend much viewing time of Billiards/Chess/Checkers/Card Games/Tiddly-Winks--et al and therefore will hold back any comments regarding whether Black People have a definite advantage regarding these activities. Regarding "Blue Lives Matter" I wholly support any Black People who may or may not have the advantage of an Extra Quadrecep Muscle in the performance of their Brave Service to the Social Contract. What I do not support are any People or Organizations who use any Characteristic which may be perceived and/or understood to be different than the People who share the same Social Contract.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2016 on Elsewhere (200) at davidthompson
Surely the initial stages of sexula intercourse after culture - civilization reduced rape to a controllable state, were the result of a male providing sustenance to a female. After sometime this level of tradition evolved to monogamy the female in the "gamy" decided to reduce competition by labelling the provision of sexual intercourse for sustenance as prostitution and therefore taboo. Are we now at the point when the pendulem is starting it's return to a different equilibrium?
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2015 on High Maintenance at davidthompson
I do believe this evolutionary "old stuff". The present Hippy Chimpanzees, as defined by Anthroplogists, and now still evident as the Bonano branch of apes continue to set the pattern for the described sexual pattern, including incest.
Toggle Commented May 26, 2015 on Elsewhere (163) at davidthompson
Obviuosly Ms Orr is ignoring the male dominated rapper culture where female gentalia is only and frequently described by their orfice (s).
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2015 on Uterus Rising at davidthompson
The comment from Victor David Hansen probably brought to mind the no-go- zones evident in Britain and elsewhere in Europe. i recall commenting somewhere, maybe here, my thoughts of this being a politicized reaction of overt pandering to a very special interest group, Islam. I belatedly recognize this use of no-go zones is just good policing in a practical response by Policing Management to protect the front line officers from weak politicians and the second-rate media. Cheers;
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2014 on Elsewhere (145) at davidthompson
It's just the sisterhood. Entry is easily provided for the members and some of the metro-sexuals with external genitalia. The latest example is Madame Secretary, although i am not sure if this just part of the Hillary Campaign, and something called Four Women and a Man. I am not into bashing-a-trois so have not watched this one.
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Jul 21, 2014