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Julie Hickman-Rincon
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Hello my name is Mommy and since my son Luke is now 8 I could careless if the popsicle broke, you only ate the meat and none of the vegetables, and/or you didn't like your meal. I'm tired of your picky ways and if you won't eat what I've served you or prepared for you, YOU DON'T EAT!
Now that the kids are older, 12 and 8, oh fyi trying to win for my sister who has a 2 year old and trying for a 2nd one; we play the Alphabet game. Where you try to find words that start with A,B,C and so on. Whew we accept La Quinta for Q and will give you the letter Z anywhere in the word!
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My son is 8 and I am done with his picky habits. Last night was the last straw! Every night I make perfectly good meals and he will only eat the meat out of all the food. So he ate all the chicken and wanted an apple. Usually I let him eat a piece of fruit or a glass of milk but last night was it. I could care less if he was still hungry, go eat the rest of your rice, peas, and carrots if you are still hungry! Know what? He went to bed hungry. FYI, he'll live! I am not a full service kitchen, you don't eat your perfectly good food, you don't eat!
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1. The longest trip we took driving when the kids were baby/toddlers was 5-6 hours. Once when we lived in California we drove to Vegas to meet my family with our daughter who was 7 mths old, slept the whole way there, not so much on the way back, that was 12 years ago and I can't remember how bad she was. But she's the one who would sleep in the car on trips. I won't go farther than 5 hours with my son now at 8. 2. My husband always talks about driving to visit his family in Oceanside California instead of taking the plane, we live in Houston Texas, and that is a 24 hour drive. I tell him I'd sooner get a divorce then drive that far with our kids who are 8 and 12. It does get easier in some aspects but dear lord we'd leave as a family of 4 and probably come home a family of 3!!
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Jul 31, 2014