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Johari Fuentes
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Liam was a year old and we have had basically over 8 months worth of 4-6 pm witching hour(s) crying fits. For some stupid reason we decided to go visit or family 1 hour away. I should mention Liam was not a car seat loving baby. We hit the road a bit too late because we were enjoying a rare feeling of normalcy talking to friends and family. We started the trip back with Liam not really wanting to go and then the horrible almost 2 hour drive back started with Liam crying hysterically and me making my husband stop so I could give him a break and comfort him. That wasn't working and it was just making the trip longer. I could not take him out to breastfeed and mu husband decided we needed to gel with it so we could all get home and rest. With all the stops we were making a quick trip a nightmare. Both Liam and I cried for almost the entire 2 hour ordeal, after that, no more trips during witching hour. Now we have a second baby who actually loves his car seat and is a true cool dude on trips. It happens :)
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Aug 8, 2014