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Eva Tho
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Being in a preservation architecture firm in San Diego it is difficult to say this but I think the building should be demolished. I remember back in the 80's how Graves was the "it" kid to many in the architectural studio, much to the chagrin of the design professors. Once I visited the Portland building in the 90's I was appalled. Similar experience in 2000 when I visited Graves' Synderman House in Fort Wayne,Indiana. It was abandon and rotting. (too costly to repair and upkeep!) It became obvious that Graves is not such a good architect. PERIOD. He cannot carry through drawings into details. Budget is always a problem for all architects. You need to think about this right from the first conversation. The Star architects vary in competency. Some deserve praise - others including Graves, rode the publicity machine with little effort to really understand the process of architecture. Only the drawings should be considered historic, they were the influence on the post modern movement. ...Ah, so I would say demo the edifice. Ultimately the decision can be based on the health , welfare and safety of the occupants. It has a negative soul sucking energy. Blast away.
Skylab has a system/ method that is better than 90% of what usually gets built. So the criticism should be framed around this fact. Apartment buildings typologies tend to be repetitive because many solutions were worked out on the previous design. So I can appreciate the design from business model. Mies' Lafayette Towers in Detroit vs Lake Shore Drive in Chicago have similar but different attributes. The details will provide clarity. But geez overall it looks like a very good building.
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Jan 3, 2014