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I just finished "Citizens" a few weeks back and I really enjoyed it. He does seem to spend a lot of time "mythbusting" things around the causes that I hadn't heard of in the first place! Like most books he seems to stop at Thermidor so I'm in "New teritory" with the podcast at the moment. Oh, and if Mike does T-Shirts again can we have a tourist shirt that says "Come Visit the Republic of Virtue!" Matt
congratulations on 250! i did have a thought on the British view on Cromwell. I think he falls between two stools as far the the politics of British historians go - the more left/progressive ones seem him as a betrayer of (romanticised) higher ideals like the Levellers and the more right/conservative ones see the Restoration as the "proper" settlement. No-one will really go to bat for him and we're generally a bit down on the Puritans these days anyway. oh, and for anyone interested in the 1870-1914 period i would recommend Robert K Massies "Dreadnought". It focuses on the Anglo-German rivalry but has great coverage of what is going on inside both countries too.
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welcome back! put me down a t-shirt too! also, if you bundled up tHoR and sold that, I'm sure a lot of us would buy it too.
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Hi Mike, just thought I'd drop in at the end to say how much I've enjoyed having you back and it's nice to listen up on English History that doesn't seem to get that much coverage even here in the UK. I've got to echo Barry that it seems a small shame we didn't get much on the Glorious Revolution. Looking forward to the American Revolution though, even if we get to be the "baddies" ;-) Matt
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Jan 14, 2014