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I am surprised that the Transit wasn't bought to the North American market earlier. A van powered by a 6.8L V10 is just ridiculous. I was also surprised to find out recently that the Frontier and Tacoma are the only compact pickups you have in your market which are far from the best product out there in that segment. Seeing this story on the Transit and with GM bringing the Colorado/Canyon twins, RAMs new Ecodiesel etc I think the domestic manufacturers are realising they really need to step up to mark with economical work vehicles if they want to keep their 25% trade tariff protection barrier in future. I'm pretty sure this barrier applies to vans as well doesn't it?
I'm surprised a truck as big as the F-650/750 can still be powered by a big petrol engine. I know there is some issues with Diesels and emission laws in the US but it just seems like one massive anachronism. I sometimes wonder what would happen to the US pickup/truck market and the Big 3 if the US brought down its 25% excise on imports.
Sales of these super size SUVS are no where near what they were 10 years ago. Perhaps the lack of investment in the update is a reflection of this. A sign that perhaps in 10 years time they won't be around any more? Are the people of Texas going to be happy with the loss of V8?
In Australia dual cab pickups have grown a lot in popularity and are used more and more as family cars. But nearly all are no bigger than the Chevy Colorado in size and most are powered by 4 cylinder turbo diesels. If someone has a business and they require something with more load carrying capacity then most opt for something like the Japanese cab over style trucks which without looking at numbers are likely to be more efficient than the big GM HD and Ford super duty trucks you have over there which would be comparable in load capacity. Our cities and geographic distances are similar over here. I do wonder what would happen if the US were to bring down its 25% import tariffs on trucks. Would these types of pickups and trucks that we have here in Aus gain in popularity and eat into the sizeable market share of the big 3 or do the big 3 have too much of a loyal following with their pickups for that to happen?
Do manufacturers still have much difficulty with getting Diesel engines certified for emission regulations in the US? Is there still the 45 state or 50 state Diesel issue? I remember this being an issue several years ago but haven't heard about it in a while.
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Jan 27, 2014