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Moustafa Khalil
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Dec 30, 2016
Thanks for your Reply....i hope Autodesk consider that in their future releases.
Hi is it possible to manipulate the categories inside a linked file. for example i need to turn of all Floors of the linked file. to clarify more i do the following manual steps 1. visibility graphics 2. Revit links Tab. 3. Click/change "by Host View" display setting of the related revit link file. 4. select custom. 5. goto Model Categories tab. 6. change from to Custom. 7. uncheck floors. it will be really saving time if i can do that pragmatically.
Exactly!! what i am looking for... that's so brilliant... can't wait for the next post as well.... thanks Spiderinnet for this help :)
that was really impressive... but lets say if i have already a profile family, how can i use it? and even another question how can i get the line information (coordinates of the lines inside)??
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Jan 27, 2014