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Israel Rodriguez
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How to create a Parameter with the FamilyType type? Is there any hidden tricks?
Hi Jeremy, I've opened a case in the ADN Portal, with the following sample code: RevitCommandId commandId = RevitCommandId.LookupPostableCommandId(PostableCommand.ArchitecturalFloor); if (UIApp.CanPostCommand(commandId)) UIApp.PostCommand(commandId); They've responded they also reproduce the problem and it is indeed an issue. I'll have to wait for a fix. I still didn't tested this on Revit 2015.
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Hi Jeremy, Is there any news on this "Load as Group" feature on the API?
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Hi Jeremy, I'm trying to post the Architectural Floor command, but Revit doesn't give me anything. Not even an error. This happens also with: - PostableCommand.ShaftOpening - PostableCommand.RoofByFootprint All of them involves a Draw after the command. Is there any catch to call theses commands?
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Hi Jeremy, I'm trying to extract the faces of a core element, rollback the split transaction and create a dimension from core to core, like the we can do on the UI using -> New Dimensions -> Faces of Core
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Feb 7, 2014