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There are a number of unexplored vectors to Erwitt's provocation. For example, one might argue that digital manipulation is worse than darkroom manipulation because it's easier and therefore more open to abuse. Or that it de-skills photography and therefore undermines professionalism and makes it harder to a professional to earn a living. I've been reading Robin Kelsey's "Photography and the Art of Chance," which examines - starting with Talbot - the role of chance and accident in art photography. Digital capture and manipulation give the photographer far greater control than film ever did. Indeed, one could argue that "chimping" kills photography. I can't think of any iconic photography since the rise of digital, or may be any that didn't come from a photographer with a film background. Would love to see some. A rule of thumb from Richard Benson (paraphrased), if a picture takes more than 15 minutes in Photoshop, throw it away and take another. (See "From Darkroom to Daylight).
So happy to find out about numbers on Kodak. I had that problem and was baffled. Was going to blame the lab and decided to bite my tongue. Glad I did. Any opinions as to Kodak vs. Ilford on quality control? As for film costs, anybody know if it's related to the costs of the chemicals involved or tooling up for shorter production runs?
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Very nice. I don't think any generalizations about photography as a practice are true. Counterexample: Gregory Crewdson, Jeff Wall, Cindy Sherman, much of Bill Brandt, Irving Penn, the Bechers.... On a pedantic note: "fill the frame" doesn't really reflect the Zen aesthetic. They tend to be nuts for negative space, which is sort of what zazen is anyway.
Yes, the VPI is covetable and worth the price, which should be seen as low, assuming demand had always outpaced production.
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McCurry's work is photography as a kind of nostalgia. Melancholy and safe. His people are types not individuals. Compare August Sandler for a kind of formal self-presentation, or Inta Ruka for intimate familiarity. Or Dijkstra for, well, strangeness?
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Curious about why XP2. Thanks. [Just because so few people have darkrooms or any interest in setting one up. Purely a practical matter. --Mike]
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