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This is great! Love this. Hopefully you can find ways of doing smaller community fundraising as well to give back. Outside of the community how about setting up a "disaster fund" were you put money aside from the business whenever feels right and when we have major disasters like Catrina, Haiti, etc etc you can also contribute to those causes from that fund. I know individual donations for natural disasters help but larger contributions from businesses can make all the difference with those displaced and in need due to a natural disaster.
I needed this. I'm 25 in a disappointing "job" in the fashion industry. I paper push, I have no creative hand in anything and that is the side of things I most desperately wish to be in. I've recently been promoted but only to a job with more responsibility and paper work for the same pay. Your story gives me great hope. Thank you for sharing your history with us, most successful people don't often talk about their early struggles and disappointments. I found this blog only a couple of weeks ago and love it! This post made me even more of a dedicated reader than I already had become.
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Feb 20, 2014