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Aug 26, 2016
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Aug 26, 2016
Joe, take this what it's worth, but your images so remind me of the late (and I think great) Fred Picker. I'm not big on commenting on every image but seeing this reminded me again of Fred's images. I love your work and you are in good company. One more thing; being this comment is after the show that you spoke about a few weeks ago, are there any prints still for sale? And, if so, is there a list? I don't have a large budget but I've been trying to do better at acquiring prints from photos I admire. Thank, Muggs
Joe, I love your posts! You always give me something to think about that I haven't considered.
Joe, I so enjoy your posts! Last weekend my wife and I were camping in the "Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania" @ Leonard Harrison SP. I had gotten up early to catch the fog that sometimes settles in the valley between the two "mountains". It was completely overcast and a bit rainy, but out the tent I went to see what I could see. As the temperature had dropped during the night I thought that I would at least find some low lying fog, and I wasn't disappointed. However while shooting the fog between the mountains the sun broke through to illuminate the mountain across the canyon from me with the added benefit of a beautiful rainbow! It lasted (according to my EXIF data) 2 minutes!!! I almost didn't get out of my sleeping bag. Luck certainly does favor the prepared!
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2014 on Just a Moment at Postcards from the Creative Journey
Joe, Very well said! I've often said that "good enough is good enough!". Now that's not to say that we should settle for mediocrity. I try to strive for excellence but not "obsess" about what other photographers think of my work. I think that the discussion of photographers while looking at photographs often turns toward the knit-picky stuff, and are so enamored with the technical is because they really don't know how to "see".
Thank you! I really have been enjoying your blog posts. I have to agree with your post, I attended a workshop in the 80's that was much liked you talked about. We sat down after a day of shooting and discussed photographic technique and different "ways of seeing" and how we all saw the same thing slightly differently and why we thought we saw it that way. We were very eager, not only to learn from one another but to "teach" one another as well, as a way of giving back. Anyway, I guess more, and/or better technology does not always move us forward!
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Feb 23, 2014
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