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for gawd sakes, get a AO man! You're supposed to be promoting SL, but you're walking around in the dead duck I just joined SL default walk.
sex sells, LL just hasn't embraced it.
of course, another video of a crap default avi, with junk default clothes, with 2003 default crap walk animation. Video taken on some noob sim, with a crap looking store, with extremely dated items. Do these people ever get off of noob island and actually find a nicely done sim, or some of the great mesh designed stores? nooo, just another video perpetuating that SL looks like crap.
he wants you to hire a stylist in SL, and enough linden dollar for a full makeover and AO.
@ R U SL's market value will never go up, pimp SLV.2.whatever, it's not. We can go on and on about its functionality, its problems, lack of growth, but SL is not a babysitter. What I mean is, in SL you have to be able to entertain yourself first. Games/apps today, people need to be entertained, there needs to me a mission, a quest, a diamond to be found, a beginning, a middle, a end, health to restore, blocks to be moved, etc... SL is non of that.
the stigma of SL being for sex isn't going away...ever! There is a reason adult sims are on the top of the list... Sex Sells! It sells in RL, so why would people think it wouldn't sell in SL? I've talked with many people on this subject, and we agree that LL needs to somewhat embrace the sexual side of SL. LL can try and act like it doesn't exist, but the stats don't lie. Even the designers are now having events catered to it "Romp", "Uber" (50 Shades was the theme of the last round), "Consensual". All those events just recently for adult content.
FB can claim "avatar accounts are generally only flagged to the company by other Facebook users", but they have routinely deleted massive amounts of SL Facebook accounts. The bottom line is, FB can't data mine a avatar account, so a SLer FB account do them no good with advertising, which is how they make their money. "money" is and always will be the bottom line.
oh lord, this turned into "SL is dying" again! It's a sim, you visit it a few times, and there is no need to go back, because well... nothing changed from the last time. Although a pretty nice sim, it had become dated, and unchanged, and when stuff becomes dated and unchanged, people stop going.
nice sim, visited it a few times, nothing last forever.
it's kind of like putting the cart in front of the horse. "We haven't really done much to the game, but you can take really cool videos."
game for kids to play on mom/dads phone/tablet in the back of car to keep them quiet.
I've made a handful of videos, and scrapped way more than I completed. Here is why I stopped: 1. SLs camera constraints make for bad filming, smooth camera movement is next to impossible. 2. frame rate on SL and how it's recorded by Fraps or the other recording program I use don't jive well together, you end up getting jumpy and glitchy looking footage. 3. When filming, having SL on ultra settings with shadows, and having my recording program open, my processor screams like a hungry baby, even on a very high end laptop.
great tip, I'll have to try it on my next listings.
If the journalist never got away from mainland, of course it's going to look like crap. Mainland IS crap.
I'll hold my breath for SL2, right along with Oculus Rift being a hit in SL. not!
TOS TOS TOS... yet everyone hit the "I accept" button and kept on playing. A big whopdedo about nothing.
I've got SL Facebook, and close to 3k friends, so yes SL FB is real. The word anonymous and FB don't go together, so don't believe that anonymous crap.
LL needed to hit the reset button a couple of years ago for relevant items. The relevant items is not relevant for 2014, and I'll add, any items prior to 2009 need to be purged from the MP.
does LL realize that outside of a couple of gamer blogs and SLU, the average everyday SL player has never heard of this? I hope they didn't invest to heavily in OR.
Judging by the comments here, SLU, and a couple other privileged bloggers who got to review it, the price is the deal breaker!