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Hi there is it Erin!! Here is pretty card I made for my mother. Her birthday is this month and I wanted to create something special just for her. A special card for a very special lady!! I used my wonderful Kreaxions Circle Cutter from Just Imagine to create all the circles. I just opened up the dimensions little bit, by about 1-2 mm, to create the larger dimension of a circle so they nested nicely into each other into groups of 3 and then ran them through my Cuttlebug with embossing folders or with circle enhancing elements to create... Continue reading
One of the many things I did on each of my training cruises was plotting on charts. Here is a picture of me training a first year cadet on how to plot fixes gained from the GPS, celestial, and/or land navigation. I used tons of layers here. Layers of papers, stickers, fibers, flowers, paints, mists, ribbons of all shapes and sizes. I wanted to break up the layers I had created from the background page with a solid color,but to use another square or rectangle would have covered up to much of the background paper, and I absolutely love it... Continue reading
Hi, Erin here with a cute layout for you. Here is yet another one of the beautiful pictures of my daughter that was taken when she turned one. I just loved this little dress and bonnet, I was so bummed when she grew out of it. We took the pictures in our backyard and I am so glad we took them there because we moved a month later. We worked so hard to make the back yard beautiful, adding in planters, landscaping, it was just perfect for pictures. I wanted to add texture to all the layers I added into... Continue reading
Hi, its Erin here. While I was getting my undergrad degree I also was obtaining my Third Mate's License. This meant I was going to to sea every summer on a training cruise to gain sea-time for my license. We did everything, navigation, maintenance, cleaning, lines, laundry, classes, watch, and much much more. I loved going to to sea, but my final cruise was harder to leave as I was leaving behind my fiancee at the time. This picture is of us just before the ship left and I was on stern line duty. It was very bittersweet I loved... Continue reading
I am heading to a wedding shower later this summer and I wanted to make a beautiful card for the exciting day. I have no idea what the colors are for the wedding day, so I stuck with the traditional black/white/grey scheme. I added a 1 inch strip of white paper behind the sticker and punched it on both sides with Kreaxions punch 905 with the C insert for a border punch from Just Imagine. With the 1 inch strip punching on both sides at the same length down the strip you create a beautiful decal, yet even another wonderful... Continue reading
This past March we took the kids to Pedernales Falls just outside of Austin, Texas. My husband remembered going there as a child and since moving to the Austin area we took the first chance the weather gave us to go. It was beautiful, domes of limestone caved out by the water creating pools that gathered water and spilled out over more domes of limestone. You could not go in the water as there was no easy way to rescue anyone if they were in trouble, plus flash floods can happen so fast. We hiked all over the domes, but... Continue reading
My boys in the Texas bluebonnets. One I could not stop from running around and smashing them, the other was more interested in finding bugs and pulling the "weeds" that did not belong there. I finally got some good shots, but I am afraid to say that the flowers did not fair so well after out little photo shoot. Good thing we had a HUGE abundance of them this year with all the freezing days we had. I used Kreaxions Punch 920 from Just Imagine with inserts A and C to create the border and also the edge punching along... Continue reading
We took some pictures in the Texas Bluebonnets in March of 2014. It was so hard to try and get Catherine to look at me and not the flowers, but I finally got one shot where she looks at me and she is grinning with a little smirk just for me, littler stinker. I used Kreaxions Punch 311, circle cutter, and positioning pieces from Just Imagine to create a 5.0 cm doily at the top and the bottom of the page. I created one doily and cut it in half as only a potion of it popped out from under... Continue reading
I have had this picture in my stash for a long time, just waiting for the right inspiration to hit me to use it. We were walking at Lost Creek park in Sugar Land (park just a mile away from our old house) with some friends in October of 2012 when my boys just looked so cute walking along the road together. The path in the park is beautiful, tree lined on both ides creating a canopy over the path. By a fluke they are not fighting and being sweet to each other and they both had on yellow shirts,... Continue reading
Hi this is Erin with a fun gift box for you!! I found this wonderful gift for my son's teacher, but I hated to just give it to her in a plain box or bag. Why not liven it up and make the box just as much apart of the gift as the gift itself!?! I used a fun and bright paper line and cut off the bottom left section to fit over the lid of the box (4 x 5 x 1 inch jewelry box). A corner of the larger orange flower remained in the cut section so I... Continue reading
Erin here, with my next creation!! The end of the school year has come and I want to thank the oldest son's teacher for all she has done for him this year. Nothing says "thank you" more than something made from the heart. I used some whimisal papers and cut out a section of it in the bottom left corner. I then took similar shapes of the flowers and butterflies and but them out to pop them uo on top of the existing ones in the paper. Lastly, I used stickles in corresponding colors to accent the flowers, butterfly, thank... Continue reading
Hi, Erin here with my next layout with these fab punches!! In 2012-2013 my husband deployed to Afghanistan and he was gone for over a year including all the ramping up and down before and after being out of the country. It was the hardest on my middle son. He was 2 turning 3 when daddy was gone. Old enough to know that daddy was gone, but way to young to understand why. He latched onto any male figure that he was around and pretended to be an "army man" any chance he got. I got this outfit for him... Continue reading
We had some pictures taken when Catherine turned one. During the photo shoot we inevitably had some tears, poor little cranky baby girl. My journaling states, "Most of the time you are the sweetest little girl, but when you get tired 'miss cranky pants' comes out. You still look super cute in your barely there pigtails and even through your cranky moments I love you so much." Lots of fun with layers and embellishments!! I used the super easy circle cutter from Just Imagine to create both circles in white and punch 920 with the A insert to punch the... Continue reading
Easter of 2014 we spent at my parent's house and we had our annual egg hunt at the Club. There were 3 different areas for hunts based on age, and my kids were in two of them. They all had such a haul of eggs that we will have candy for the next year!! I did tons of layering with strips of paper, ribbon, and lots of bits and bobs of embellishments. I used a variety of punches (905, 907, and 920) from Just Imagine using the A border punch insert. Some I punched on both sides of the paper... Continue reading
A very close friend is having a baby boy in a couple of weeks so I had to make a baby book for the little guy and his new parents. I used Kreaxions punch 923 with no insert from Just Imagine and punched close to the corners to treat the square corners as a kind of frame for the front of the book. I then took buttons and twine and made a grid like pattern of the front. Supplies used: Punch - Kreaxions - Just Imagine Book- SEI Pattern Paper - Chatterbox Buttons - Other Chipboard - Other paint -... Continue reading
Every year I love to take my kids out to the bluebonnets to take pictures. It is almost a mandatory thing to do when you live in Texas, stick your kids in the flowers and take a picture. This year with all the freezing the flower were everywhere and so pretty, best year in a long time. Since we moved to central Texas I can find patches 5 minutes from house, so there was no excuse to get pictures this year. I got tons of pictures and this is one of those beauties. I used tons of layers of papers... Continue reading
Here is my sweet little Catherine at age one. A friend took some wonderful pictures of her for at 12 months of age in our backyard just before we moved. It made for a great backdrop for our pictures!! This is actually her Easter dress, but it still fit so swell and it is just to cute I could not pass up using it for these pictures too. I stuck with a more monochromatic look of pink and peach with a hint of white and grey. I used lots of layers, mists, and embellishments to really play up this picture... Continue reading
My friend for many years is having his first baby with is wonderful wife and it is a boy!! My husband and I are super thrilled for both of them, even thought they have no idea what they are in for, hehe. They have already decided on a name for the little guy Maroun, named after his father. Knowing it is a boy I went with blue and teal colors with a hint of yellow. I did not make this a super "baby" card except for the baby stamp and the little bear in the flower. I did some fun... Continue reading
I am heading home to see my parents for Easter and on the way visiting my in-laws, so only fitting that I make cards for them for Easter. My kids are getting so many Easter egg hunts it is not even funny, but that is fun and I love seeing the looks on their faces when they find an egg. Making two cards is just as easy as making one card when you have full 12x12 sheets of paper. You just cut enough for both cards. The only variation I made to each card are the flowers, there are some... Continue reading
I had these two picture of myself and my husband laying around for a long time. We are about the same age (between 1-2 years old), the pictures are taken in the spring or summer, and we both just look too cute. I have never done pictures of us from when we were little kids, and I could just not pass it up. It is amazing how similar out son Brandon looks to my husband and our daughter looks to me at these ages. It is just too fun to look back and remember. You can see the punch I... Continue reading
I am doing a secret sister gift exchange this month with my mommy group and I wanted to make a special card for her as her last gift and reveal of who I am, so with that in mind I wanted to make something special. I used tons of layers from the wonderful Birds of a Feather March Kit, along with some great die cuts and the wonderful 4 in 1 Kreaxions punch 311 from Just Imagine. I really loved the colors of mint and grey, so I used only those colors along with the white - and TONS of... Continue reading
I just had professional pictures taken of my kids in February. At these ages (Morgan 8, Brandon 4, and Catherine 18 months) you never know what you are going to get. I told the photographer to just take anything and everything. I am not a huge fan of "look at me and smile" pictures, I much rather just capture the feeling of the moment. This picture was taken at the end of the session, they were all grumpy and tired and to pep them up I gave them all a sucker and asked them to sit on the stairs. This... Continue reading
My in-laws had this picture taken in their front yard a couple of years back in front of their beautiful tree. They have been so wonderful to us, I could not have asked for a better family to marry into. I love this picture of the two of them, they both look so happy and carefree - you can't ask for more from life!! I used punch 923 with insert A for a border punch along the top and bottom on the kraft cardstock to add dimension and texture to the layers on the layout. Supplies Used Birds of a... Continue reading
I took this picture right before my we went on our family vacation last summer - turned out to be more of a house huntng trip as 5 months later we had moved to where we vacationed. Here I used punch 923 with insert A to created a border punch. I used it along the top and the bottom of the layout and backed the grey paper behind it so it shows a pop of color under the punch. I also used the punch along the top side of the borwn paper just above the picture for even more texture... Continue reading
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