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I also think more people would sign up if they got a special rate with an SL Premium membership...and maybe if you could pay for a subscription with lindens.
The avatars do look very cartoonish, but I don't think they're concerned with that. I'm not bothered by it, because I'm going to guess people will customize their own avatars anyway. I listened to it a couple days ago, but didn't Philip mention that you'll be able to upload custom avatar skeletons?I could have heard it wrong.
I think they really should add the option to use Paypal, or even purchased game cards. I've been using it on my 5-year old iMac and it does run very nicely. It is a more limited viewer (no Advanced or Debug menus) but eh, it's great for easily navigating really busy events that have over 50 avatars. If you're into SL photography, you won't be able to take mega-high resolution images. You're limited to screen size and you can't save to your desktop. You CAN email snapshots however. I haven't played around too much with wind lights, but the viewer only has the bare minimum SL wind lights. I'm not sure if there is any way to import wind lights...I hope so! It's absolutely worth trying out for $1 an hour, or even get a month subscription if you think you might use it longer. I don't know if I'll renew after this month is up because My ol' iMac runs SL okay enough, and my husband's PC runs SL every bit as fast as SL Go. If I had a tablet....I would absolutely renew. It's pretty cool.
Some sims do pad their traffic. Really, I hope they're padding it, because it's a little depressing to think THAT many people really want to hang out at some of those sims. I'm being a judgmental.
Crono, you are a lady after my own fashion doll-loving heart because you mentioned Tyler and Gene. If I had to put my main avatar into one of the four categories (if I must choose) she'd probably fit into the Sexy category. Although her wardrobe and looks vary day-to-day depending on her operator's mood. I do relate to my avatar very much like a virtual dress up doll. There are some personal elements to my avatar, namely the red hair. I'm a proud ginger in RL, so my avatar never wears any other hair color. Some days I like to just put her in jeans, t-shirt sneakers, and a goofy hat (my favorite is a one-eyed martian hat). I have another avatar who is an elderly woman. Her name is Phyllis and she's feisty. I love her. The only rude insults have ever come from child avis, which is somewhat ironic I think. One told me in horrible gibberish talk that she "smelled like old farts". Phyllis then told said child avi that there was no Santa Claus and then hit the kid with her bag. Oh yes she did.
you don't have to own or rent land to have a business in SL, and even so, the comparative cost is still much lower than Ebay. The percentage LL takes from MP is again, very minimal.
Occulus Rift plus unattractive and unloved people who can't face's starting to sound like the plot from the movie 'The Surrogates' ai yay yay. It really wasn't a great movie, but the premise is interesting.
These are all just suppositions. I do think it would worse for SL residents, particularly creators. Currently the only percentage LL takes out of any money creators in SL make is from upload fees. I could be wrong...I HOPE I would be wrong in thinking that if a company like Facebook were to buy out Linden Labs, they would want a bigger stake in creator's revenue. Frankly, I'm surprised LL doesn't take a percentage of profits. The only basis I have for this is because currently Ebay takes about 10% from each transaction sale. Ebay used to be this great place where you could unload all the crap in your attic you didn't want anymore and make a tidy little sum. Now the only people that can really profit on Ebay are wholesalers. Yes, I know two completely different companies, and businesses, but the connection Im making is Ebay, not unlike SL, was a place where the individual had an opportunity to start their own business out of their home. I'm just not so sure a larger company like Facebook would continue to let creators profit from a platform they owned without taking a larger percentage other than a 10L upload fee. I could be wrong, and maybe it's a bad supposition to make.
Can you imagine what would happen if Facebook or Yahoo bought out Linden Labs? *Shudders*.
Sadly, I think the marketing is certainly intended for the statistical majority of SL users. If the ads prove effective for them, they'll keep using them. They are looking at IMVU's numbers, so they want to draw some of those users out of IMVU and into Second Life. It absolutely perpetuates the idea that Second Life is a place where lonely women can find love and romance, and men can find sex. The ads offend the handful of long-time residents who've moved far past SL just being a place to find a virtual hook-up. The same people are likely to be the ones most offended by articles and documentaries that depict SL as a place full of adulterers, basement-dwelling loners, and freaks. When the MTV show 'Catfish' put out a casting call for Second Life users to be on upcoming episode, they weren't interested in finding out about the many artists, musicians, and educators in SL. They will not be even remotely interested in 1920's Berlin. They just want people (no older than 25) who want to find out if their virtual paramour has been lying to them about their weight, gender, job, marital status, etc. Why should Linden Labs care WHAT their users do? They don't care if everyone spends all their time and lindens at virtual strip clubs, or creating a virtual university. It's a business, and they're going to advertise to the proven demographic. It's a little sad and depressing, yes. The ads aren't meant for user retention. Sex, debauchery, and romance can only be interesting for a short while before people get bored and move on. So if they stay they've found other things worthy of staying in SL for. That's the hopeful part.
Is this going to be some sort of SL Hipster fad? I'll pass...I love all my meshy good parts.
My understanding is that the mesh heads cannot be rigged with fitted mesh. Don't quote me on that, but that is what I've heard. Siddean did preview in a demo video a really gorgeous, more ethnic looking head so she definitely has plans on doing a variety of head sculpts. I tried the demos and they were a lot of fun to play with, but neither felt like "me" so I didn't purchase one at this time. I hope if anyone does fitted mesh feet it will be slink. I suspect if that ends up being the case, Siddean will release them as an update rather than a new purchase because that's what she did with the very early version of the flat mesh feet and medium mesh feet (before appliers). I hope so because I'm bit of a skin-a-holic and I certainly don't feel like buying all new appliers for somebody else's feet. So there's that and the fact that so many shoe creators have made shoes specially fit to the Slink feet. The only way I would ever upgrade to fitted mesh limbs would be if Slink did them. The small size fits me very nicely so I just wouldn't have a reason to buy someone else's hands or feet.
Well the most obvious one I'm looking forward to is skin fair because I just love skins. Pussycat: I see what you're saying about events. I think it's tricky because some event organizers do tend to put the same people in over and over. I can see from their standpoint why they do, they obviously want the bigger names to draw people in. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people tend to ignore or overlook new brands. I think it's good to have a mix of both. New designers probably want to be in events with more well-known brands so they can get some traffic in their direction too.
The pricing model will work itself out one way or another. Technology is always ridiculously overpriced coming out of the gate. But the more users, the price usually goes down. The important thing to pay attention to, is what Iris said about it not just about how it runs on tablets, but desktops. I have a 4 year old iMac that is pretty much maxed out in upgrades. I can run SL...fair to good. I can run shadows for pictures fine enough. My husband has an expensive custom built gaming PC that runs SL like a champ. I can run SL on Ultra with shadows, ambient occlusion and run around the world at between 30-60 frames easily. In a quiet sim it's much higher. But the lag monster still hits. If you go to crowded sims with several avatars (which are the largest contributor to lag) it STILL can bring things to a crawl. I think this technology is a start of something. So if OnLive can run SL even better than mid grade machines and even higher-end machines, doesn't it make sense to want to expand the service so all SLers can have that experience?
@ cathartes: if you read Inara Pey's full review, it mentions that Ebbe had little to nothing to do with any of this. If he god what a feat to get all that up in running in the uh...month he's been with the lab, right? OnLive approached Rod Humble about a year ago with the collaboration. Read Inara's review, it's pretty insightful.
The prices in your survey Hamlet were far more generous than Onlive's pricing. There's a huge difference between paying, for example $30 for 80 hours time, or even $40 a month for unlimited use. It's not the very notion of paying for the service that is going to be a huge hindrance, but HOW MUCH they are charging that will be.
If it were a one time fee...I would definitely consider paying that, even if it was something around $25-30. But the hourly rate fee is pretty limiting. Even at the best rate of $25 for 10 hours, it's not a realistic fee for long-term use. I could see people maybe paying $3 if they absolutely had to log into SL for some reason or another and had no other access to a regular desktop, or other free mobile app. But that hardly makes it an appealing option. If they had a free limited trial that you could upgrade with a one-time fee...I think people would use the service.
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Mar 5, 2014