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Ann Arbor
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Hi! First, I'd likw ro say to Richard Posner that you are a truly amazing mind. You belong on the Supreme Court and in my estimation you are the best judge in the land. However, I disagree with your view on marijuana legalization. My view is that marijuana destroys the subjects brain who uses it and leads to lowered inhabitions leading to a move away from wellness and health. I believe that this question should be framed differently. I think that pragmatically we all agree that imprisoning people for marijuana use hasn't worked. But I also think that we would all agree that people who use marijuana do not maximize their wealth and generally run into many life problems. I think we need to develop a new instituion which besides the prison, hospital, and asylum that historically, along with many additional instituitons, dealt with users before . I think it should be a collaborative effort and we should seriously study the work of the thinkers who have and are and will work on this problem. Yes, legalization solves problems that we are facing. But can we honestly say that we leave these people any better off than if we were to be positive role models and help them maxmize their wealth and learn to labour with it reducing the need for waste.
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Mar 5, 2014